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My Return

Posted: May 9, 2017 in Gaming
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So I am back from a very long hiatus.  I had to step away from a lot of things due to work, family issues, and a very hectic life in general.  Gaming pretty much disappeared from my life for about three months and since that’s what this blog pertains to, kinda didn’t have much to write about.

That has all changed, my life is getting back on track, so I have slowly begun to game again.  This is going to be a short post just explaining what I plan to do with gaming and this blog.  I will still be playing Call of Duty and other shooters and maybe attempting a run at competitive again starting this Winter, but a big focus for me is to start raising my Gamer Score on Xbox Live.

Since I am mainly an online shooter player, my score has been lacking.  I have a lot of games but never play them for achievements so my score after 5-6 years on Xbox is a measly 19,191 as of 7 am this morning.  I’m looking to change that and change it rapidly.  I will be devoting several hours a week to just completing achievements in games that I don’t usually play, and will be sharing what I have completed each day with you all.

At the end of every day, I will post a Cobra Log.  This log will essentially tell you what I have accomplished that day in gaming.  Could be achievements earned, friends made, or just some basic stats from whatever shooter I happen to play that day.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and what games you think I should play to get some new achievements.


Such a NOOB to Smite


So as I said yesterday I just got into Smite on PC on Saturday night.  I had tried playing Smite when I played Xbox One, but playing a MOBA with a controller felt wrong somehow, and I was continuously dying.  So I completely wrote Smite off as no fun, until I got on Steam on Saturday.  When I saw it sitting at the top of the free to play section I decided I would give it another chance, only with a mouse and keyboard, and I am thoroughly glad that I did.

Now don’t get me wrong, as the title says I am a straight NOOB to this game.  I really have no idea which gods I should be using, and even worse I have no real idea how to build them in game while I play.  My only real saving grace is that I run two monitors so I game on one, and have open on the other with a build up.  The only problem with that is I don’t know the names of all the items, so while my team is fighting, here I am scrolling through the shop trying to match pictures from Smitefire to what’s in the store (NOOB).  However, after saying that, I am slowly figuring out some of the items as I have used a couple in every match, so there are a few items I can quickly find and buy.

While I haven’t played a whole lot, I have decided I really like this MOBA, and I will be playing it a whole lot.  I played through the tutorial, but in reality the only thing I needed to get used to is the 3rd person POV, as I have played several other MOBAs and the objectives are all pretty similar.  Following the tutorial I think I only played about three matches, two arena matches and one joust.  I know that if I want to get competitive with this game, I should be playing conquest, but I figure by playing arena I can start to figure out which gods I like, while also getting some in game experience.

So in the three player matches I played, my team won two and lost our joust map.  To be fair in the joust map though one of our players disconnected leaving it 2v3 for the majority of the match, and I was the only one positive on my team, though not by much.  From what I have seen, Smite is pretty good at matching you with other players of the same level, but I am sure there are smurf accounts running around as well, which is probably why some people seem to just roll right over me.

As to the gods I pick, I try to always grab an assassin.  I really enjoy high burst damage at the expense of health and defense so in pretty much every MOBA I have played I go for the assassins.  My brother who still plays on Xbox One says that I would probably also enjoy hunters as they are ranged characters, and can also do a lot of damage along with quick escapes, but you all let me know what you think.

The only two gods I have tried so far are Thor, and Arachne.  I used Thor through the entire tutorial, and also used him during two of my player matches, and I found him rather enjoyable to play.  He hits pretty hard, and by using his ultimate you can quickly hit the other teams back line killing off their hunters or mages.  I am also getting a pretty decent build down for him, giving him better speed, and of course a lot more damage.  When I played Arachne however, I was completely lost.  I still went positive with her with a ton of assists (30), but I had no idea how to build her, and worse yet, I didn’t have the faintest idea what her abilities did.  It wasn’t until about halfway through the match that I even got a kill with her, but I finally started figuring out her kit, and ended 8/6/30 with her.

Overall I have had a very good initial experience with the game, and am definitely looking forward to playing it some more.  If you think I should be playing any specific gods let me know and if you want to play with me, my name is HybrdCobra.  Thank you for reading, and as always comments, likes, and follows are greatly appreciated.

Why I’m a Gamer

I get asked all the time, why I game, and for me it’s pretty simple.  I game for many reasons, but gaming has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  As I have said before I’m a very active person as well, and have been all my life, but gaming is something that I have always loved to do.

Growing up, gaming was kind of a bonding thing for my dad and I.  He was career Military so he was always training or deploying so I never got to spend a great deal of time with him.  When he was home however most of the time we spent together was spent on video games.  It started back when I was really young playing games such as Mario and Duck Hunt on the Nintendo, and then as I got older we played more games against each other such as Command and Conquer and wrestling games.

As I got older I think all this time spent with my dad grew my appetite for competitive gaming as my dad isn’t someone that just let’s you win.  I can remember many times playing split screen where if I managed to beat him or even kill him once he would rage super hard (probably why I rage a lot in games as well).  Like I said though I feel he grew my competitive drive because even though I would usually lose my goal was to beat my dad at games.

When I got to middle school and high school though games helped me get a relief from real life.  Since we moved around a lot it became pretty hard for me to make friends.  I didn’t really get bullied or anything, but I was the quiet kid that really didn’t have much to say, and only had a few select friends.  My favorite games at this point in my life became RPG’s because I could just make a character who was immensely powerful, and who everyone liked (pretty sad right).

Then came my years in the Army.  For the first couple years in the Army I didn’t really game a whole lot.  I was constantly in the field training or in Iraq on deployments.  After my second deployment though like I said before gaming became a big part of my life again.  I didn’t do it because I didn’t have friends like in school, I had a lot of friends in the military and most of them were gamers as well.  Nope gaming in the military took on two new forms.

The first was competition.  I found this wonderful site called Game Battles, and never looked back.  Starting with Black Ops on Xbox 360 a few friends and I made a team and started playing in the Call of Duty seasons.  We weren’t that great, but we were constantly improving, and slowly adding to our little gaming group.  When Modern Warfare 3 launched we formed a clan called Task Force Dwarf, and rained flaming misery on the Hardcore community.  For us it wasn’t about run and gunning, we would strong point a spot on the map and force everyone to come to us, and face an impenetrable wall of lead and grenades.  After MW3 we of course moved onto Black Ops 2 where playing for me really kicked off as they introduced League Play which allowed us to set up our teams and run through the seasons.  After that came Ghosts and at this point Task Force Dwarf fell apart as we had all moved away from each other and most our group had left the Military.  This is when I formed Hybrid Nerdz Gaming in order to take part in Clan Wars which was the new big thing for the Call of Duty franchise.  Along with clan wars HNG also ran several competitive teams with our main team being the most successful in the Search and Destroy game mode.  Finally, Advanced Warfare came out and this is where I left the Call of Duty scene and for the most part HNG also fell apart.  I still have my competitive drive and play many games on PC that allow me to face off against other players and test my skill, but as of right now I’m not on a dedicated competitive squad.

The last reason I game is as a stress reliever.  My life has been super hectic for awhile now and since punching someone in the face at work is frowned upon I take all my anger out in video games.  If I get super fired up at work, when I get home I put in a shooter or a game like Grand Theft Auto and I just raise as much mayhem as I can.  It generally cools me down, and I can get back to whatever I need to do.  Like I said it’s a whole lot better then yelling or getting into a physical altercation with someone at work.

So I think that should pretty much explain why I am a huge gamer.  There are other little reasons out there as well, but I figured I would cover the main ones.  As always please comment, like, and follow.



So after I got back from my second deployment to Iraq in 2010, I really got heavy into gaming.  I had gamed a lot before that but it was sporadic and I was jumping from one console to another.  When I got stationed at Ft. Drum, NY in late 2010 I finally settled on Xbox 360 which is what a lot of my buddies were playing.  At that time, I picked up Call of Duty Black Ops and never looked back.  I would spend hours playing Call of Duty either pub stomping or competing in Esports all the way up until the end of 2014.  After spending a few months on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare I decided I was fed up with Call of Duty and consoles in general so I made the best move ever and went back to PC gaming, and I haven’t looked back since.

Now the one issue I have with PC is that there are just too many great games to play, and many of them you can pick up for free or for a very low price on Steam.  So now my issue is that I have so many games that I want to play, and not enough time to do it all.  So what I am going to do is tell you a little (very little) about all the games I play, and why I like them.  No the list is not ranked by favorites it is mainly just which game I think about first, as I really don’t have a favorite game right now.

  1. Armored Warfare– Armored warfare isn’t even in Beta testing yet, but I have been playing the early access for it for a couple weeks now.  If you have played any of the other tank warfare games such as World of Tanks or War Thunder, it is very similar only your using more modern vehicles allowing you to use heavy hitters such as the Abrams MBT, Bradley AFV, Challenger MBT, and M109 mobile artillery.  I have been enjoying my time in this game a lot with the main issues right now being the matchmaking (low player count), and that the AFV’s seem to be highly overpowered just zipping across the battlefield destroying MBT’s with relative ease.  Still I think anyone interested in tank warfare should definitely give this title a try.
  2. War Thunder– For most of the same reasons that I like Armored Warfare I like War Thunder.  War Thunder is a WW II tank warfare simulator that adds in plane warfare.  You can choose the between different game types letting you determine how realistic the gameplay is, and what kind of vehicles are used.
  3. Diablo III– Who doesn’t love a good dungeon crawl?  I have played a lot of Diablo growing up and Diablo III is just the newer version with tons of stuff to do, with more being constantly added.  I started playing again for season 4 after taking a pretty extensive break.  If you just want to run around a dungeon killing and breaking things than Diablo III might be just the game for you.
  4. Marvel Heroes 2015– I picked this up about a month ago and within a very short time I realized I had logged over 100 hours on it.  This game plays a lot like Diablo, but instead of picking from 6 classes you get to pick from a large list of Marvel super heroes to be your avatar.  If your into comics and super heroes than this is a game you should try.  It is free to play on Steam so go check it out.
  5. Heroes of the Storm– This is a new MOBA that blizzard put out, and it is a lot of fun.  IN this game you get to play as Heroes from all the Blizzard universes so WOW, Diablo, and Starcraft.  This game is a lot faster paced than League of Legends and revolves around team objectives.  So if you like MOBA games than maybe give this one a shot.
  6. Guild Wars 2– Again I took a very long break from this game, but my buddy is bringing me back to it and just in time.  The first expansion launches at the end of OCT, so now is the perfect time to start relearning some of the mechanics and learning the new ones.  This is a pretty large MMO, with many different aspects that can eat up your time.  You have PVE, PVP, and World vs. World so like I said now would be the time to start playing if you want to have a maxed character by the time the expansion launches.
  7. CS:GO– If you have been around PC gaming for even a little bit of time I am sure CS:GO doesn’t need much of an explanation.  This is a very competitive FPS with a player base that is constantly growing.  Coming from a Call of Duty background I am still trying to get used to the very steep learning curve on this game but I am most definitely a NOOB.  Regardless of that CS:GO is a very addicting game that requires a lot of skill and teamwork.

Well that is my main list of games.  There are many more games that I dabble in, but these are the ones I play the most.  If there are any games you think I should try be sure to let me know, and if anyone ever wants to play something just leave me a message with your Gamertags and I will be sure to add you so we can play some games.

As always comments, follows, and likes are very appreciated, and I look forward to hearing from you.

My first video review for this week was uploaded by James Eubanks (Clayster) on  16 June 2015.  It is titled “Leaving Denial, Joining FaZe Explanation Video.”

I am going to start by saying this video highlights almost everything that I find wrong with the competitive Call of Duty scene.  Clayster throws the word “loyal” around a lot throughout the video, but nothing he says leads me to believe that he understands what the word even means.

He starts off by saying that after the X Games he and Attach were approached by Jkap and Replays saying how they weren’t happy with their performance in the tournament and would understand if they needed to be dropped.  Instead of just dropping one or the other both Jkap and Replays were dropped in the hopes that a good duo could be found to replace them on Denial.  All of that I can live with, but now begins the really messed up part.

Clayster and Attach get together and make their recipe for the perfect players to approach about joining Denial only to be shot down several times.  Their next idea “Lets try scalping from FaZe”, so they approach Huke and Slasher who both seem to begin considering the offer.

While Huke and Slasher consider the offer, Clayster and Attach are approached by Enable and ZooMaa who offer the two members of Denial Huke and Slasher’s positions on FaZe.  The two sides talk back and forth about money and contracts and who can offer who what and nothing is officially decided except that Huke and Slasher tell Clayster no, they would prefer to stay with FaZe.

Next thing you know Huke and Slasher are dropped from FaZe for even considering switching teams and instead of picking them up to complete the Denial roster since he was the one who instigated the whole issue what does the “loyal” Clayster do?  He swoops in with Attach and takes the two open slots on FaZe.

Now from what I have seen things like this happen all the time in the competitive Call of Duty scene and really it disgusts me.  A team has a bad tournament so instead of taking the time to look at what they did wrong and work on it they swap players.  Now since this is about a video that Clayster made just to look at his team stats he has been on 7 teams since 2013, 7 teams that’s ridiculous.

I think if teams in competitive Call of Duty could stick with the same roster with minor changes here or there they could be more successful in the long haul.  Not to jump on the Optic bandwagon but they seem to do a very good job of keeping players in their organization.  I just think its something the pros should look at and think about fixing.

Until next time,

Hybrd Cobra

So I am just starting this blog out and the reason I am starting it is to help me improve my writing skills.  I am currently a student at Full Sail University pursuing a degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment and since I have been out of high school for so long (10 years), my writing skills have fallen off a bit.

The focus for my blog is going to be GAMING.  I am a huge and very passionate gamer and have been for as long as I can remember.  I have dabbled in several different competitive scenes and own my own gaming community called Hybrid Nerdz Gaming (  I have tried Youtube and putting my opinions on video but I am more into writing than I am into making videos so I figure a blog is the way for me to go.

My plan for this blog is to post at least three big posts a week.  Those posts will mostly be my opinion about big Youtubers videos.  They always ask for thoughts and opinions so I am going to write out my thoughts in a blog and provide any evidence as to why I do or don’t agree with their content.  I only plan to do three of these a week so that I have enough time to do background research on the video topic so that my blog doesn’t turn into a giant rant session.

I will also make smaller posts throughout the week on things that I want to talk about or any big gaming events that I think need to be mentioned.  Also since I was a huge Call of Duty player my gamerscore on Xbox is severely lacking so my goal for the end of the year is to have a score of 20,000 (currently have around 15,000) so that means every Sunday I will post an update on any achievements I earned throughout the week.

As I said at the beginning I am starting this blog to improve my writing so please be sure to leave any comments and or ideas for me below.