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Moving is Upon Me

Posted: August 12, 2016 in Creative Writing
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It’s not very often that I can let you know beforehand that I won’t be writing for a few days, but this is one of those times.  Im sitting in the parking lot at work listening to the rain pelt my car thinking about how much “fun” this weekend is going to be.  I get off work ag 1pm, get sn oil change, then wait for my brother and uncle to get off work, before beginning my speed run to Kentucky.  I should be back in Illinois sometime Saturday and will start posting again either Sunday or Monday.  I hope everyone has a good weekend, thank you for reading anf look for posts when I get back…



Posted: August 8, 2016 in Creative Writing
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Like I said in my update post, we got approved for our house.  While that’s great news, it also makes a whole new set of problems for me.  Since all my stuff is in Kentucky, and I have a 7-month pregnant wife, that leaves me with figuring out how to get all our household stuff up here to Illinois.

I have a plan in that regards and it’s going to make for an incredibly rough weekend.  When I get off work on Friday, I will be driving down to Kentucky, loading a moving truck on Saturday, and driving said truck to Illinois as soon as it’s loaded.  I’ll then sleep Saturday night, wake up Sunday and empty the truck so I can return it and be ready for work on Monday.  So in less than a 24 hour period I’ll drive to Kentucky and back again.

So while overall the news on the house is great, I’m really dreading this weekend.  Also since I’ll be gone this weekend that means I have to get all my weekly stuff done before I leave, so my homework, laundry, and that sort of thing.  Here’s to hoping that everybody has a good week and weekend.  Thanks again for reading, and until next time.

As I mentioned in a previous post, a lot of my spare time has been used up frantically searching for a house for my family.  I say frantically because up until a couple of weeks ago we weren’t going to need a house until the beginning of 2017.  Now that my wife found out that she likes Illinois she is ready to move before the baby comes in September and since she is back in Kentucky for awhile, that means that I get to search for houses as well as go to work and do all my course work for school.

Now I’m not complaining here because I enjoy looking at houses that way I can be sure we get a place that fits our needs, but just letting everyone know how crazy my life is at the moment.  In the last few days, I would say I have looked at about ten different places, and so far we have only found probably 2-3 that we really like.  The problem with a lot of them is that applications have already been submitted on most of them, so that means we have to wait to see if the other families take them or not which equals more stress on me.

What I have found I despise about a lot of these realty companies up here is that even if I’m applying for multiple houses that company manages, I still have to pay application fees for each house, which makes applying for multiple houses a financial liability.  It also doesn’t help that I’m picky when it comes to rooms and room sizes.  We can manage with a two bedroom house, but those two bedrooms better be big because my two daughters would share a room and I don’t want them crowded, and my room needs to be big because it’s my wife and I plus all the baby stuff.  I also like to have a basement or another room, so the kids have somewhere to play, and so I can set up some office space for all of my activities.

Well whenever we find the perfect place and get approved for it, I’ll make sure to post some pictures and give you a quick lowdown of it.  Until then let me know any of your house hunting experiences in the comments below.  As always likes/comments/shares/follows are greatly appreciated, and will help me better myself as a writer.  Until next time.

It’s been a long time since I lasted posted something, and for that, I must apologize.  My life has been hectic and in constant motion for the last few months, so I am trying to get back into the swing of things.  So now I guess it’s time for me to fill you in on some of the changes.

#1.  I have officially moved up to Illinois.

I moved to Illinois back in April, and I have loved every minute of it.  I’m currently staying with my Grandparents, but my wife and I are in the process of finding out own place.  I’m hoping we can find a good fit before our baby comes in September.

#2.  Job Changes

So since moving to Illinois, I have had two jobs.  My first job was with my grandfather, doing tree removal.  This was a good full-time job for when I first moved here.  It was hard work, but well worth it, and it was very steady work.  I plan to keep doing this on a part-time basis.

I just started my second job up here which is at the Chrysler plant.  It is with a security company, but I will be a Fire Marshal and not a guard, and so far I think I’m going to like it.

#3.  Family Changes

The plan when I first moved up here, was for my family to move up the beginning of next year after my daughter is born.  That plan then changed to my family moving up in November, after my wife and daughter are well enough to travel.  Well after my family came up to visit, they have all decided that they want to stay here, which is why I am now frantically searching for a house to fit our needs.  All in all, I am happy with the way this situation is going.

So those are currently the three big things going on in my life.  Again, I’m sorry for such a long absence and look forward to getting heavily back into my writing.  As always comments are appreciated, as well as any new follows and likes.

So i’m going away for a few days, and not sure if i’ll have the time or ability to make a post all those days.  I’m leaving bright and early tomorrow (Monday), to head to Gatlinburg, TN, and spend some time with my grandparents.  I will probably be coming home Wednesday sometime, and then on Thursday the whole family is going for a little trip.

The trip on Thursday, is to Akron, OH to see our really close friends from Fort Drum, the Nabors.  We try to see them at least once a year, and it’s been a little over a year since our last visit.  We will probably stay in OH until Saturday sometime, before heading home, so my oldest is back in time to get ready for school.

Shortly after our OH trip, i’ll be moving up to Illinois, to work with my grandfather, until a better opportunity comes along.  So I have a lot of driving to do in the next week, but pretty much all of it will be fun, and I need to get back to work, so we can start really prepping for the new addition to our family.

The only time during my travels where I might not be able to post, would be while I’m in TN.  I’m not sure what capabilities my grandparents will have in the park they are staying at, so we will just play it by ear.  Thanks for reading, and will post some stuff about my trips, as soon as I can….