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I wasn’t able to accomplish a whole lot of gaming the last two days due to work, but I did finish a few achievements.

Mount and Blade

Lord Cobra was born into Mount and Blade yesterday. That was all I got accomplished yesterday, so no achievements. Today I accomplished a lot and earned three achievements.

-15 pts- Get Up Stand Up

Cleanse the town of bandits in the opening mission- This was an easy mission, and the lowly bandits didn’t stand a chance against my sword and shield combo.

– 15 pts- Medieval Times

Enter and win a tournament- This was actually harder than I thought. I made it to wave five of six before falling before a large group of fighters. Apparently, I had done well enough that I was given a second chance which allowed me to face off one on one, which allowed me to secure a victory and a pot of 3,900 coins from bets on myself.

– 15 pts- Good Samaritan

Help a lord or party win a fight- I did this on accident. I was actually moving to attack another factions Lord, but he was attacked by another group as I moved in so it allowed me to add my forces to his and crush the other attacker. Problem solved, and a good war horse from the opposing lord.

Those were my three achievements for today. The other things I did in the game was raiding caravans and razing enemy villages. I was captured by enemies at one point when they overwhelmed my small Warband, but I escaped and have since rebuilt my force.

I will continue with Mount and Blade and am also starting to work on The Division again. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Have you played Mount and Blade, and if so what is your opinion on the game?


My Return

Posted: May 9, 2017 in Gaming
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So I am back from a very long hiatus.  I had to step away from a lot of things due to work, family issues, and a very hectic life in general.  Gaming pretty much disappeared from my life for about three months and since that’s what this blog pertains to, kinda didn’t have much to write about.

That has all changed, my life is getting back on track, so I have slowly begun to game again.  This is going to be a short post just explaining what I plan to do with gaming and this blog.  I will still be playing Call of Duty and other shooters and maybe attempting a run at competitive again starting this Winter, but a big focus for me is to start raising my Gamer Score on Xbox Live.

Since I am mainly an online shooter player, my score has been lacking.  I have a lot of games but never play them for achievements so my score after 5-6 years on Xbox is a measly 19,191 as of 7 am this morning.  I’m looking to change that and change it rapidly.  I will be devoting several hours a week to just completing achievements in games that I don’t usually play, and will be sharing what I have completed each day with you all.

At the end of every day, I will post a Cobra Log.  This log will essentially tell you what I have accomplished that day in gaming.  Could be achievements earned, friends made, or just some basic stats from whatever shooter I happen to play that day.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and what games you think I should play to get some new achievements.

So as you may have already figured out, I love video games.  I will play almost anything at least once to see if I enjoy it or not.  My best friend loves to take full advantage of this and is always getting me to download new games.

The new addition, Hawken.  If you have never played this game I would classify it as Call of Duty, but with mechs.  You can choose between a wide array of mechs, each with their own abilities, and weapon sets.  You have big bruisers, small assassins, healers, and your basic assault mechs.  It really is a fun game, and as you level up you can upgrade your look and weapons.  Again its a free to play game so if you don’t want to grind away at your levels you can always just spend money to speed up the process, but the grind is good enough for me.

My other new addition is Smite.  Now Smite has been around for a little while now, and I previously tried it on Xbox One, but I couldn’t get used to using a controller on a MOBA so I wrote the game off.  Well since I’m back on PC I decided to give it another shot last night, but with a mouse and keyboard, and I enjoyed myself a lot.  I have had some decent exposure with MOBAs having played League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm, but Smite is a little different as your using a 3rd person point of view which is easy to pick up.  I think I am going to play a lot more of Smite, and will be trying to figure out which assassin gods I enjoy the most as i’m all about the burst damage.

For a quick recap here is the list of games that I currently play.

  1. Guild Wars 2
  2. Hawken
  3. Payday 2
  4. Smite
  5. World of Tanks
  6. World of Warships
  7. War Thunder
  8. Armored Warfare
  9. CS:GO
  10. Diablo lll
  11. ARMA lll
  12. Hearthstone

So if your interested in playing any of those games with me be sure to let me know and we can party up.  Also if there are any games that you recommend be sure to post them in the comments as like I said I am always willing to try new games.   As always thanks for reading, and any comments, likes, and follows are greatly appreciated.

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update, but first off I want to apologize.  I said I would be posting daily, but I let life events get the better of me and failed to post for a few days.  I will always do my best to post, but as the last couple of days have shown me, I may not always be able to.

So I just wanted to let you all know that between work, school, and some problems at home I slipped up, but I am back, and even though I wasn’t posting I was getting the research started for my series of articles that I promised.  I have also decided to start a series on games, and i’ll tell you why.

Like I said in a previous post I have gotten into the wargaming games pretty hard of late.  Pretty much daily I log onto World of Tanks, World of Warships, and War Thunder (made by Gaijin Entertainment, but so similar that I place it with the games) at the very least to get the daily xp bonus for all my vehicles. I enjoy these games a lot just because I grew up learning about different WW ll vehicles as one my dad is a History major, and second I grew up around the military and just love military games.

Again I have my issues with these games, and I think I want to do a lot of research, and tell everyone why certain vehicles should be doing better than they are portrayed in these games.  I’m not as knowledgeable in WW ll vehicles as my father however, so like I said I will be doing a lot of research for this project.

Now another game I am going to throw into this series is going to be Armored Warfare.  This game isn’t part of, but is a game from Obsidian Entertainment.  Now the thing about this game is it’s about more modern vehicles, and I do know a bit about new military vehicles, however I will still include a lot of research.

I only want to start this series, because my buddy Hybrd Recon, and I have seen a problem with these games.  That problem is the fact that guns in this game scale their damage based on the tier of your vehicles.  That’s a problem because a 25mm on a tier 2 should have the same power as a 25mm on a tier 3.  Why you may ask….Because IT’S THE SAME GUN.  Granted the higher tier may have more armor or health, but if a tier 3 can penetrate the armor of another tier 3 with a 105mm then a tier 2 with a 105mm should be able to do the same.  Now currently in these games you might be able to do that but for the most part the lower tier tanks only get ricochets or no penetration against higher tier tanks, and with the way matchmaking in these games works that pretty much means low tier tanks are just fodder against the higher tiers, and I think that is ridiculous.

So again sorry for the absence, and I hope everyone is as excited for these series as I am about writing them.  Thanks again for reading and as usual any comments, likes, and follows are greatly appreciated.