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Posted: August 11, 2016 in Gaming, Nerd
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For my birthday my brother got me a box of terminators for my Chaos army and I was overjoyed.  Terminators have always been my favorite units from 40k because they are extremely deadly and vicious.  Nothing breaks the spirit of an enemy squad more than a hulking squad of terminators teleporting into their midst.

I built the units the day that I got them and now I’ve got to prime and paint them.  As my army is Crimson Slaughter I’m looking to get Huron Blackheart to bolster my terminators as in the books he always fights with them at his side.  What fo you think of terminators?  Tell me in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, and until next time…


I have played Magic the Gathering off and on for many years.  Throughout those years I never tried to collect any full sets of cards, but instead just built the decks that I wanted.  Well, I recently got back into Magic and decided to change things up a little bit.  I haven’t decided whether I’m going to play Magic this type or just collect the sets, but I started collecting the Eldritch Moon set which just launched the other week.

I walked into the hobby shop and bought one pre-release pack, one fat pack, and one booster box just to see how much of the set I could get.  After opening up all the packs, I found I am only missing 17 of the 205 cards, so I’m doing really well.  I have all the most expensive cards in the set, so I think instead of buying more packs I’m just going to order all the individual cards that I need.

The 17 cards that I’m missing are:

#2- Decimator of the Provinces
#6- Emrakul, the Promised End
#17- Collective Effort
#20-Deploy the Gatewatch
#39- Sanctifier of Souls
#42- Sigardian Priest
#64- Indentity Thief
#65- Imprisoned in the Moon
#70- Mind’s Dilation
#99- Oath of Liliana
#130- Hanweir, the Writhing Township
#136- Mirrowing Dragon
#156- Emrakul’s Evangel
#176- Ulvenwald Observer
#197- Lupine Prototype
#200- Stitcher’s Graft
#204- Hanweir Battlements

Well, those are the cards that I still need to complete my set.  If you know, anyone who has copies of those cards let me know.  After I finish this set, I may work back and get some of the other sets that I missed.  I will start collecting each set from now on, though, so even if I don’t play, I’ll at least have a good collection of cards.

As always thanks for reading.  If you play any Trading Card Games let me know which one in the comments below.  Do you prefer to get just the cards you need to play or do you like to collect entire sets?  Thanks again for reading, comments/likes/shares/follows are greatly appreciated and will help me to continuously improve as a writer.  Until next time.







When I first started my blog devoted to nerdy activities, I said that I wanted to get into tabletop games, but couldn’t decide on which game to start with.  Well, my wonderful wife solved that issue for me when she got a box full of Warhammer and Warhammer 40k miniatures from a yard sale site for a whopping $80.  The box she got contained well over $1k worth of stuff, so needless to say I was ecstatic.

There were figures from all the main armies, but I decided to start with Chaos initially.  I chose Chaos mainly because their troops look bad ass.  You take a regular space marine and slap a bunch of skulls on his armor and he looks 100% cooler.  The great thing is that my brother and Army buddy both decided to get into it as well, so now I have two Space Marine players to beat up on with my superior troops.

We have decided on a 500 point battle in October to get our feet wet.  It’s not a very large unit size, but it lets us each bring several models while still getting to use a lot of the game mechanics.  I’m really excited to start up this hobby, even though it’s rather expensive to get fully into.  Lucky for me, my brother and I live really close to a couple good hobby shops that are excited to help us get started.

I have to say the best part for me, is that I enjoy building the models, and am looking forward to painting them all.  I like to collect stuff, so I have my eyes set on some of the larger models, even if they aren’t in the armies that I am interested in playing with.

If you’re into tabletop games let me know which games you play in the comments below.  Also if you play, what armies do you use?  As always I want to thank you for reading.  Any comments/likes/shares/follows are greatly appreciated and can help me grow as a writer.

So I’m sure I don’t have to tell anyone, but a new Pokemon craze has engulfed not just the United States, but pretty much the planet.  This current craze was sparked due to the release of Pokemon Go, which if you didn’t know is a mobile game that allows the player to actually go outside and capture Pokemon by using their phone.  Due to the popularity of this new game, Pokemon as a whole has exploded back onto the market, which honestly I’m pretty happy about.

Growing up with Pokemon starting with the launch of the Red and Blue versions of the Gameboy game,  I am happy to see the glorious return of the little creatures.  Since I had so much fun with Pokemon growing up, I quickly hopped back on the bandwagon, but this time I brough my family right along with me.  My wife after some initial skeptisism for the game, finally downloaded Pokemon Go, and we had our kids running around the parks collecting Pokemon.

Not only did I get them all into Pokemon Go, but I also now have my girls collecting the cards.  Whenever they’re well behaved or help out I get them a pack of cards and they have fun opening them and putting them in their binders.  My 9 year old even wants to start playing the card game, so when they get back up here to Illinois I plan to take her to the local game shop to first watch the game played and then to help her learn all the rules.

Let me know what you think of the current Pokemon craze.  Are you for it or against it?  Let me know in the comments below.  As always any likes/shares/comments/ and follows are greatly appreciated.

So for anyone who has kept up with my blog will know, I absolutely hate my job as a Security Officer.  I never had a lot of data for my phone, and just couldn’t find any mobile games to really get into.  That is until Nick (Hybrd Recon), knowing how much I like the Fallout franchise told me to check out Fallout Shelter.

For those who don’t know, Fallout Shelter is a game focused on you building your vault.  I labeled my vault as Vault 108, and had planned to use it in a series of stories focused around the character I will make in Fallout 4, but after doing a little research, I found that Vault 108 already exists in Fallout 3, so I will be coming up with a new vault number for my character to represent.

Now as for Fallout Shelter.  This game has a standard mobile gaming feel to it. You built facilities in your vault and after a given time you earn resources and the members of your vault level up.  I’m not to far into the game yet with only 57 citizens, but I hear you can get up to a whopping 200 citizens in your vault.

Each citizen of your vault has skills which affect which facility within your vault they should be working in.  Take strength for instance.  If your citizen has a high strength stat then you want them to be working in your power facilities.  Strength is also a good stat if you want to sent that citizen out to explore the wasteland.

Throughout the course of the game, incidents will happen within your vault that require immediate attention to ensure the survival of your vault.  Many things can happen including bandit attacks, fires, and radroaches.  As you gain followers bigger threats will appear including Death Claws, which are very hard to stop.  Like I said if you see an incident make sure to react to it immediately.  A fire for instance left unchecked can sweep through many rooms causing damage and loss of supplies, which can take a while to restock.

As I said before you can also send your citizens out into the wasteland to explore.  When you do this make sure you equip your person with good armor and weapons as they will encounter many enemies in the wasteland.  The stats of your citizens effects how well they will do in the wasteland.  Strength and Endurance are good for survival, while Luck and Perception help you find better equipment more often.

If you’re looking for a mobile game to eat up some time at work I would definitely recommend Fallout Shelter if you’re a fan of the franchise like me.  As always thank you for reading, and any likes, comments, follows, and shares are greatly appreciated.

So when it comes to Armored Warfare I generally try to run all of my tanks at least once a day in order to get my double XP.  Occasionally I have to run a tank multiple times as you only get the double XP from matches that you win.  By playing PVE however so long as you have a decent 5 man team running with you, it is fairly simple to win your first match in each tank, and you get a hefty xp reward for doing so.

Now when I first started playing Armored Warfare, which was during the early access, all I played was PVP.  Hybrd Recon, my buddy tried to get me to play PVE a few times, but I’m rather stubborn and felt that the best way to progress was by playing PVP.  Boy was I wrong.

In regards to XP gain, PVE has a more consistent gain than PVP.  Regardless of whether you win or lose your usually netting at least 600 XP per match in PVE, while XP gain in PVP is all over the place.  I’ve played many a match in PVP where I only got a whopping 100-200 XP, and when you’re in a higher tier vehicle 100-200 XP really does nothing for you.  So there’s one reason I prefer PVE.

A huge reason that I like PVE is that players actually seem to know their roles in the tank world.  Your reconnaissance tanks are moving forward to spot enemies and capture points while your tank destroyers and main battle tanks follow behind and clean up the enemy.  You would think this was common sense, but jump onto a PVP server and your mind will be blown.  In most PVP matches you will see your AFV’s and Recon vehicles camped firmly in the back with the artillery.  Some people may not think it a big deal but those vehicles have the best spot ability, so when they aren’t doing their job that makes the main battle tanks go in blind which usually leads to their eventual destruction.

The other issue I have with PVP is the matchmaking system.  I will start by saying that it is getting progressively better, but there are still plenty of matches where your tier 4 tank will be matched against tier 6 tanks, and for some reason your rounds just never seem to penetrate higher tier tanks which I think is the stupidest thing ever.  The only way for you to get good penetration on a higher tier is usually to hit them from behind and lets face it they most likely have friends behind them and you can only take 1-3 shots from a higher tier tank before your a burning wreck on the battlefield.

Now PVP isn’t all bad.  You can get in a really fair match at which point so long as your team plays their roles you can rack up a win.  The great thing about PVP matches is the money that you get for winning.  In a PVE match you get a pretty consistent $28k-$30k for winning while a win in PVP usually nets me upwards of $150k.  So my advice to new players is to play PVE in order to get good XP, and switch to PVP when you need to get money to buy your higher tier tanks.

Overall I just feel that PVE is the more player friendly choice and its fun as well.  As you replay maps on PVE you begin to learn where enemies spawn which just makes it that much easier to set up your vehicles and take the win.

As always I thank everyone for reading and any comments/likes/follows/and shares are greatly appreciated.

So for those that don’t know this, there are Heroes, and then there are Anti-Heroes.  Heroes are very obvious, they do everything for the greater good, and have very high morals.  Examples of straight up heroes would be Superman and Captain America.

Then you have your Anti-Heroes.  They are still working for the greater good, but they have some flaws that take them out of the full on Hero role.  Examples of Anti-Heroes would be Batman, Deadpool, and the Punisher.

So what I would like to know is this.  Who is your favorite Anti-Hero?

For me it’s easy.  Mine is the Green Arrow.  Oliver Queen is a Billionaire playboy who grew up in a life of luxury.  Other than that he is just like you or me, only he had to better himself in order to survive.

What happens when you strand a spoiled rich kid on a dangerous island.  Well in most cases probably nothing good, but in the case of Oliver Queen he took an old interest in archery and perfected that skill in order to secure survival.  He took that skill and refined it until eventually he became known as the greatest archer alive.

Now as with all comic book characters there are many variations to Green Arrow, but in all of them he has flaws that make him an Anti-Hero.  Some of those flaws are killing villains, torture, and being a womanizer.  The fact that he had the drive to ensure his survival, and also the fact that he doesn’t need super powers to do what he does, is what makes the Green Arrow my favorite Anti-Her.

So if you have a favorite Anti-Hero be sure to tell me who it is an why in the comments below.  As always I thank you for reading and be sure to leave comments/likes/follows/and shares, as they are all greatly appreciated.

Ok so I have been focusing on a lot of gaming related material, and I promised to make this blog Nerd related.  Here is how I plan to do that.  I think once a week I will have a “Who Would Win” post, and it will be related to the comic book universe.

For this weeks “Who Will Win”, we will pit the Justice league against the Avengers.  Now in case you didn’t know, a comic book series was made that actually pitted the two teams together and it was called “JLA/Avengers”.  This series ran from September 2003 until March 2004.  The premise behind this series was that each team had to recover the majority of 12 artifacts, six of which came from the DC universe and the other six from the Marvel universe.  I won’t delve to much into that however because this is solely an opinion based article and I want to know what all the readers think as well.

Now just to get this out there, I have no favorites in this engagement.  I enjoy both universes, even if that goes against what most comic book enthusiasts think.  I really enjoy elements and characters from both sides, but will still give you my opinion on which team would win in the ultimate slug fest, but first…..

Lets take a look at the teams.  Now as any comic book junky, casual reader, or movie watcher should know, there are several different variations to each team.  These variations are all based on time frame and the writer.  So what we will do is take a look at the most known configurations of each team.

Justice League

Batman- Billionaire Bruce Wayne.  Relies on technology and martial prowess to win the day.

Superman- the “alien” from Krypton.  Has a bunch of super abilities including speed and strength and gets his power from the sun.

The Flash- He is super fast.  Need I say more?

Aquaman- His abilities mostly deal with the water.  He can compel sea creatures to do his bidding, but he also has superhuman strength and can swim fast.

Green Lantern-  Utilizes a ring which he uses for his attacks allowing him to shape a beam to anything he can think of.  Also allows him to fly.

Wonder Woman- Has great martial abilities, but can also fly and has superhuman strength.

Martian Manhunter- This guy has it all.  Flight, telepathy, shapeshifting, superhuman strength and agility, invisibility and increased healing ability to name a few.

The Avengers

Iron Man- Genius also his suit might do a plethora of things but mainly making him stronger, faster, giving flight, and a ton of weapon systems.

Captain America- Increased physical condition making him faster and stronger, expert tactician, and carries vibranium-steel alloy shield

Thor- Super human strength, flight, and several abilities provided by Mjolnir (hammer)

Black Widow- slowed aging, increased immune system, tactician, martial artist, and weapon skills.

Hulk-Immense superhuman strength, stamina, durability, endurance, longevity, regenerative healing factor.  Also when in the form of Bruce Banner he is a genius.

Hawkeye- Expert marksman (bow), also a skilled tactician.

My Opinion

I think it would be a great fight, in my opinion the biggest part of this fight would be the planning.  You have Batman and Ironman both of whom are very smart and calculating.  The biggest thing however is that both heroes have already planned how to neutralize members of, if not their entire teams.  Ironman has the hulk buster to take out the Hulk who is near invincible, and then Batman keeps files on all of the Justice League and even keeps a stash of Kryptonite to take down Superman.

After the planning stage however I think the fight would go hands down to the Justice League.  First of all 4 of 7 members of the JLA can fly unassisted where as only 2 members of the Avengers can fly.  That leaves the remainder of the team in a jet which is a pretty easy target.  Taking that out of the equation however:

You send Superman after the Hulk.  Superman has already defeated Doomsday who is the DC version of Hulk, and in my opinion Doomsday is a lot tougher opponent than the Hulk.

Batman VS Ironman-  Again Batman is very calculating and will exploit any weakness of Ironman, who is extremely cocky.  All Batman has to do is figure a way to neutralize the suit and Ironman is just another man.

Flash VS Hawkeye- Hawkeye is a great archer but you can’t hit what you can’t see.  That being said however, Hawkeye is a master tactician so he could set traps to deal with the Flash and could turn the engagement around.

Wonder Woman VS Captain America- Who knows if this would happen but I feel it would be a great match up.

Aquaman VS Black Widow- I only made this a matchup because Black Widow uses a lot of guns and Aquaman is resistant to gunfire.  Also the only Avenger left is Thor and one would hope they wouldn’t put a water superhuman against Thor of all people.

Martian Manhunter + Green Lantern VS Thor- Lets face it, in this variation theres just more JLA so you can double team one of the Avengers so you might as well double team the Thunder God.  Even though he is being double teamed in this situation I think Thor would put up a really good fight, but I feel he would also eventually succumb to the pressure of two heroes.

Now this is a very basic argument to my opinion, but in my opinion the JLA has the advantage.  My next several “Who Would Win” articles will start by breaking down each of these fights and will go more in depth as to why I feel the JLA heroes would prevail.  After writing about all the battles I will rewrite the whole JLA vs Avengers article to again state my opinion.

Thank you for reading, and I want to hear from as many people as possible.  Do you agree with me or do you think the Avengers would take the day?  Tell me why.

Thanks again and comments/likes/follows/and shares are greatly appreciated.

So sitting in a car for 8 hours a day is not my ideal job.  Security is easy and it allows me to write, but it’s very boring, and also has very low pay.  So while sitting here one day I started to think about things I am really interested in, and came up with this.

I want to be a professional nerd.  Now you may have heard of professional gamer, which is also a very interesting and appealing option to me, but what in the heck is a professional nerd?  My answer to that is there really is no clear cut answer to that question.

Like I have covered before, my definition of a nerd is very broad, so picking out one thing that would make a professional nerd is incredibly hard.  No lets take a look around.  You have professional gamers, and i’m not just talking Pro players, but instead I include Youtubers and Streamers into this topic as well.  All these gamers are also professional nerds, because they make good money playing games which is often looked at as a nerd hobby.

So there’s one way to be a professional nerd.  Another way is tabletop games.  Look at Magic the Gathering for instance.  This game has been around for a long time, and players travel all over the world to compete, and the top players make really good money to do so.  Also consider that most the top players also have Youtube channels, which when you have a lot of subscribers can net you a healthy monthly income.  So as with gamers tabletop players can have multiple sources of income just from playing games, which guess what… Makes them professional nerds as well.

There is also lesser known professional nerds out there as well.  Such professional nerds take the form of Cos-players and even LARPers.  The key to making money at this is again such things as Youtube and Instagram.  Build your followers and you can start making decent to very good money doing these things.

Finally take a look at what i’m doing.  Blogging once you get a large enough following can also turn into a very steady and profitable venture.  Granted i’m no where near that stage, but hey you have to start somewhere right.

Now my goal as a professional nerd is pretty extensive.  I plan to maintain my gaming blog, I will continue to try and grow my youtube channel, and finally I am looking to get back into Magic the Gathering after the very long break I have taken.  Will I be successful as a professional nerd?  Who knows, hopefully, but I can tell you one thing.  I will do my best to make it happen, because as I said before I have no intention of keeping my job as a security guard for much longer.

As usual I thank you all for reading.  I know I may not have the best blog out there, but I will continue to make it better.  Any opinions or feedback would be greatly appreciated as well as any likes/follow/shares.  Thanks again.


Following up on my post from yesterday, I figured I would do a short piece on running a gaming community.  Now obviously there are many ways you can run a community, but I’ll mainly hit on how I run mine, and some of the mistakes that I have made.  In doing so I hope to help any new community owners out there to not make as many mistakes as I have.

So when I first started Hybrid Nerdz Gaming, I was pretty desperate.  I knew going in that most new clans don’t make it, and at the very beginning I thought HNG wasn’t going to.  I had a couple members mainly because they were friends from other games, and I think joined my clan just to be helpful, but they were my base to build off.  Every day I would post on forums, and send messages to other players that I saw were good performers.

By doing this I slowly started to build HNG.  For every one good player I would get however, I would get 2-3 players that weren’t good for much, but again I just needed bodies.  At this point in the clans life requirements to join were pretty much non existent.  So long as you had 2 hands to play, and a mic to talk we were fine with taking you.

Of course this method led to many members with a sub 1.00 k/d, which meant that in clan wars I had to build squads around these weak players to ensure we won as many matches as possible.  Well around the 2-3 month mark we hit Diamond Division in the Call of Duty: Ghosts clan wars, and suddenly the flood gates were open.  We had an influx of really decent players and we were able to raise requirements to fit our needs.  Any member who was part of the clan already was fine in regards to k/d, but we also implemented activity requirements which quickly weeded out many of our terrible players.

In this way we were able to quickly become a top 25 clan in Diamond Division which was a large accomplishment for us.  At one time we grew to 100 members before deciding that it was to much, and we dropped our max limit to 50.  It felt good to be such a strong clan, but through all my changes I definitely made some enemies.

Come to find out players don’t like to be kicked out of a clan regardless of the reason.  So when I started dropping players and denying applications I would get pretty nasty messages which I actually thought was funny.  I was called names such as Stalin and Hitler on a regular basis, but I didn’t care because we were winning.  Of course this attitude partly led to the end of our clan.

When Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare kicked off we felt like we would own it.  We had a strong base of good players, and had already done very well in Ghosts.  Our ego and strict rules eventually led to our demise though.  You see our competitive team consisted of all our leadership, myself included.  We played well together in Ghosts, but with the new mechanics of Advanced Warfare we started to unravel so we practiced and scrimmed a whole lot more.

In doing so we neglected the clan as a whole.  The whole team basically stepped away from clan wars in order to concentrate solely on competitive play, and when we chose senior members to lead clan wars there was a lot of resentment from the clan so we started losing members.  Then come to find out the clan wars schedule really didn’t work for many members due to work so we kicked some members, which only caused more resentment.  Finally the competitive squad fell apart and we all stopped playing COD entirely which led to the eventual downfall of the clan.  Of course like I said yesterday the Phoenix is rising from the ashes, and I hope to make HNG great once again.

So below are some of my do’s and don’ts for running a clan.  These are all based on my own experiences, and there are other ideas out there on this topic so don’t think my ideas are the end all answer.


  1. Keep it fun-  You need to remember that your a gaming community, not the military.  People play games to have fun so don’t take all the fun out of it.
  2. Be organized- Keep some kind of tracker on all your players.  When they joined the community, and what events they attend are big ones.  This can help you keep track of seniority in your community and how active your players are.
  3. Delegate- As the owner you can’t do everything yourself.  You should delegate positions to your members such as recruiters, leaders, and a tryout committee if you have strict requirements.
  4. Elect Leaders- This goes along with delegation, but if you elect leaders to help you they can take the brunt of the questions and concerns from your players and fill you in on the important stuff.
  5. Have a Website- This is important because it gives your players somewhere to talk to each other when not playing games.  You should also post important information and events on here so your players can keep up to date. offers gaming websites with many different plans so check them out.
  6. Collaborate- What I mean by this is find bigger clans that you strive to be like.  Talk to their leaders and do scrims with them.  We talk to several larger clans and our comp team was able to scrim their teams, some of which were semi-pro teams.


  1. Try to do it all yourself- As I said before if you try to micro manage everything you will fail.  Unless your community is your whole life you won’t have enough time in the day to run the whole thing yourself.
  2. Be a dictator-  If all you do is hand out orders all day, nobody will want to play for you.  You have to find out your communities desires and try to take care of that and what your plans are.
  3. Don’t kick players with no explanation-  I know if you have a lot of players just booting them seems like the best answer if you don’t need them anymore, but this can lead to animosity with them and the rest of your community.  If you don’t give a reason your players will start to realize that they are just numbers to you and start to wonder when they will get the boot for no reason.
  4. Trash talk other clans-  I had to shut this down a lot in my clan.  People get to competitive with other clans and start trash talking them on Social media, and you have to stop it immediately.  It makes your community look childish and foolish.
  5. Don’t Take the fun away-  Again you’re playing games, not running a military unit.  When you start forcing members to be online all the time playing certain game types, they start losing the urge to play, and will leave.

Now again there is definitely more that could be said on this topic, but those are my main points.  Again if any of you are games out there feel free to look up Hybrid Nerdz Gaming @, we are always looking for help to rebuild.

As always thank you for reading, any comments/likes/shares/follows are greatly appreciated.