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I wasn’t able to accomplish a whole lot of gaming the last two days due to work, but I did finish a few achievements.

Mount and Blade

Lord Cobra was born into Mount and Blade yesterday. That was all I got accomplished yesterday, so no achievements. Today I accomplished a lot and earned three achievements.

-15 pts- Get Up Stand Up

Cleanse the town of bandits in the opening mission- This was an easy mission, and the lowly bandits didn’t stand a chance against my sword and shield combo.

– 15 pts- Medieval Times

Enter and win a tournament- This was actually harder than I thought. I made it to wave five of six before falling before a large group of fighters. Apparently, I had done well enough that I was given a second chance which allowed me to face off one on one, which allowed me to secure a victory and a pot of 3,900 coins from bets on myself.

– 15 pts- Good Samaritan

Help a lord or party win a fight- I did this on accident. I was actually moving to attack another factions Lord, but he was attacked by another group as I moved in so it allowed me to add my forces to his and crush the other attacker. Problem solved, and a good war horse from the opposing lord.

Those were my three achievements for today. The other things I did in the game was raiding caravans and razing enemy villages. I was captured by enemies at one point when they overwhelmed my small Warband, but I escaped and have since rebuilt my force.

I will continue with Mount and Blade and am also starting to work on The Division again. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Have you played Mount and Blade, and if so what is your opinion on the game?


My Return

Posted: May 9, 2017 in Gaming
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So I am back from a very long hiatus.  I had to step away from a lot of things due to work, family issues, and a very hectic life in general.  Gaming pretty much disappeared from my life for about three months and since that’s what this blog pertains to, kinda didn’t have much to write about.

That has all changed, my life is getting back on track, so I have slowly begun to game again.  This is going to be a short post just explaining what I plan to do with gaming and this blog.  I will still be playing Call of Duty and other shooters and maybe attempting a run at competitive again starting this Winter, but a big focus for me is to start raising my Gamer Score on Xbox Live.

Since I am mainly an online shooter player, my score has been lacking.  I have a lot of games but never play them for achievements so my score after 5-6 years on Xbox is a measly 19,191 as of 7 am this morning.  I’m looking to change that and change it rapidly.  I will be devoting several hours a week to just completing achievements in games that I don’t usually play, and will be sharing what I have completed each day with you all.

At the end of every day, I will post a Cobra Log.  This log will essentially tell you what I have accomplished that day in gaming.  Could be achievements earned, friends made, or just some basic stats from whatever shooter I happen to play that day.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and what games you think I should play to get some new achievements.


Posted: August 11, 2016 in Gaming, Nerd
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For my birthday my brother got me a box of terminators for my Chaos army and I was overjoyed.  Terminators have always been my favorite units from 40k because they are extremely deadly and vicious.  Nothing breaks the spirit of an enemy squad more than a hulking squad of terminators teleporting into their midst.

I built the units the day that I got them and now I’ve got to prime and paint them.  As my army is Crimson Slaughter I’m looking to get Huron Blackheart to bolster my terminators as in the books he always fights with them at his side.  What fo you think of terminators?  Tell me in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, and until next time…

I have played Magic the Gathering off and on for many years.  Throughout those years I never tried to collect any full sets of cards, but instead just built the decks that I wanted.  Well, I recently got back into Magic and decided to change things up a little bit.  I haven’t decided whether I’m going to play Magic this type or just collect the sets, but I started collecting the Eldritch Moon set which just launched the other week.

I walked into the hobby shop and bought one pre-release pack, one fat pack, and one booster box just to see how much of the set I could get.  After opening up all the packs, I found I am only missing 17 of the 205 cards, so I’m doing really well.  I have all the most expensive cards in the set, so I think instead of buying more packs I’m just going to order all the individual cards that I need.

The 17 cards that I’m missing are:

#2- Decimator of the Provinces
#6- Emrakul, the Promised End
#17- Collective Effort
#20-Deploy the Gatewatch
#39- Sanctifier of Souls
#42- Sigardian Priest
#64- Indentity Thief
#65- Imprisoned in the Moon
#70- Mind’s Dilation
#99- Oath of Liliana
#130- Hanweir, the Writhing Township
#136- Mirrowing Dragon
#156- Emrakul’s Evangel
#176- Ulvenwald Observer
#197- Lupine Prototype
#200- Stitcher’s Graft
#204- Hanweir Battlements

Well, those are the cards that I still need to complete my set.  If you know, anyone who has copies of those cards let me know.  After I finish this set, I may work back and get some of the other sets that I missed.  I will start collecting each set from now on, though, so even if I don’t play, I’ll at least have a good collection of cards.

As always thanks for reading.  If you play any Trading Card Games let me know which one in the comments below.  Do you prefer to get just the cards you need to play or do you like to collect entire sets?  Thanks again for reading, comments/likes/shares/follows are greatly appreciated and will help me to continuously improve as a writer.  Until next time.







When I first started my blog devoted to nerdy activities, I said that I wanted to get into tabletop games, but couldn’t decide on which game to start with.  Well, my wonderful wife solved that issue for me when she got a box full of Warhammer and Warhammer 40k miniatures from a yard sale site for a whopping $80.  The box she got contained well over $1k worth of stuff, so needless to say I was ecstatic.

There were figures from all the main armies, but I decided to start with Chaos initially.  I chose Chaos mainly because their troops look bad ass.  You take a regular space marine and slap a bunch of skulls on his armor and he looks 100% cooler.  The great thing is that my brother and Army buddy both decided to get into it as well, so now I have two Space Marine players to beat up on with my superior troops.

We have decided on a 500 point battle in October to get our feet wet.  It’s not a very large unit size, but it lets us each bring several models while still getting to use a lot of the game mechanics.  I’m really excited to start up this hobby, even though it’s rather expensive to get fully into.  Lucky for me, my brother and I live really close to a couple good hobby shops that are excited to help us get started.

I have to say the best part for me, is that I enjoy building the models, and am looking forward to painting them all.  I like to collect stuff, so I have my eyes set on some of the larger models, even if they aren’t in the armies that I am interested in playing with.

If you’re into tabletop games let me know which games you play in the comments below.  Also if you play, what armies do you use?  As always I want to thank you for reading.  Any comments/likes/shares/follows are greatly appreciated and can help me grow as a writer.

Yesterday I mentioned how PokemonGo has brought back the Pokemon craze, and how have used it to introduce and get my family into Pokemon.  Today I will talk a little about some of the things I like and dislike about the new game.


  1. By far the best thing I can say about this game is that it encourages people to get outside.  As a gamer, I can attest to the fact that games can quickly consume all of your time, which leaves little time for anything else, especially exercise.  PokemonGo, however, is a fun and addicting game that rewards you for getting off your butt and getting outside to explore.
  2. It is a great way to meet new people.  Don’t believe me?  Head to a park that has several Poke stops in an immediate area and pop some lures.  I can guarantee you that within a few minutes if you’re in a busy area there will be a whole lot of people converging on your position, and they will sit there for 20-30 minutes while that lure is active.  Granted the game won’t tell you to talk to these people, but you know they’re playing the game, so there’s really no reason, not to..
  3. For now, it keeps the Pokemon roster to the 150 from the original game.  Now I have no issues with all the later Pokemon, but I feel the originals are a great way to start, so people aren’t bombarded with the crazy amounts that are out there now.
  4. It has started huge gatherings.  I know in my area there is a Pokemon meetup event going out on Facebook at least once a week.  All these are big gatherings of players who concentrate around Pokestops, pop lures and talk to each other.  This is again another way that people are meeting new people.

Dislikes- While I enjoy the game it wouldn’t be a fair review if I didn’t bring up the things I don’t like.

  1. Safety.  This is probably my biggest dislike about the game.  People are driving down the road with the app on, and if a Pokemon they need pops up, they will start driving erratically to find and capture it.  On the other side of the spectrum, you have people walking and not paying any attention to where they’re going, so they either fall or run into something, or they get hit by the car.  Now, in reality, this isn’t any fault of the games, it’s the people playing the game that are the problem.  If you’re going to play this game, all I can say is watch what you’re doing and be safe with it.
  2. Pokemon Locations.  I feel this game needs to be confined to places like parks and maybe malls.  Keep the Pokemon from populating on or near streets, that way if you want to play, you know that all the Pokemon can be found in parks.  This will mitigate people getting hit by cars (because they’re dumb), and will also keep people from playing while driving.  Another big part of this is Pokemon shouldn’t spawn in graveyards, churches, government buildings.  Especially on the part of graveyards, this encourages the disrespectful behavior.
  3. My last big complaint is how the game constantly freezes.  I can’t tell you how many times I’m about to catch a Pokemon and the game just freezes, making me lose what I was catching.  Even more frustrating is when it freezes while an egg is hatching and you lose the egg and the Pokemon that was in it.

Well those are my big likes and dislikes about the game.  I could probably drone on even longer, but I need to get ready for work.  Let me know in the comments how you feel about PokemonGo.  What are your likes and dislikes?  As always likes/comments/shares/follows are greatly appreciated and will help me grow as a writer.  Until next time…

So I’m sure I don’t have to tell anyone, but a new Pokemon craze has engulfed not just the United States, but pretty much the planet.  This current craze was sparked due to the release of Pokemon Go, which if you didn’t know is a mobile game that allows the player to actually go outside and capture Pokemon by using their phone.  Due to the popularity of this new game, Pokemon as a whole has exploded back onto the market, which honestly I’m pretty happy about.

Growing up with Pokemon starting with the launch of the Red and Blue versions of the Gameboy game,  I am happy to see the glorious return of the little creatures.  Since I had so much fun with Pokemon growing up, I quickly hopped back on the bandwagon, but this time I brough my family right along with me.  My wife after some initial skeptisism for the game, finally downloaded Pokemon Go, and we had our kids running around the parks collecting Pokemon.

Not only did I get them all into Pokemon Go, but I also now have my girls collecting the cards.  Whenever they’re well behaved or help out I get them a pack of cards and they have fun opening them and putting them in their binders.  My 9 year old even wants to start playing the card game, so when they get back up here to Illinois I plan to take her to the local game shop to first watch the game played and then to help her learn all the rules.

Let me know what you think of the current Pokemon craze.  Are you for it or against it?  Let me know in the comments below.  As always any likes/shares/comments/ and follows are greatly appreciated.

Ok so I haven’t blogged in about a week, but a lot has been going on, so it’s time to fill you all in.

First, and probably the biggest update is I got my first tattoo.  I’ve wanted to get a tattoo for a long time, but wanted to be sure that I got one that meant something to me.  The tattoo I got is based on the traditional military memorial photo of boots, rifle, dog tags, and helmet.  Since i’m a Cavalry Scout, I had the helmet replaced with a stetson.  I also had the script of “All gave some, some gave all” added around the picture.  I got this tattoo as a tribute to all service men and women, that have given their life for this country, but also more specifically to my friends that have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Second update is in regards to my workout schedule.  We got a new CSM in my Reserve unit, and he is all about physical fitness, which is good, but means I need to get back into somewhat competent running shape.  Since I have been neglecting my cardio, it just means i’ll have to work extra hard in order to fix that deficiency.  I have also started supplementing my bodyweight stuff with some kettlebell work.

Morning                  Evening
Monday:                    Sprints                     Strength
Tuesday:                    Off                             Strength
Wednesday:             Distance                   Strength
Thursday:                  Off                             Strength
Friday:                        Sprints                     Strength
Saturday:                   Off                             Strength
Sunday:                      Hike                          Off

Third update is that I think I have decided on a sport to pursue as a hobby.  That sport is obstacle course racing.  I’ve wanted to start doing them for awhile, but just haven’t.  At least by doing these races it gives me fitness goals, which makes working out for me a lot more enjoyable.  I chose obstacle course races, because everything is incorporated in these races.  You’re running (if you so choose), you also have obstacles which challenge you in many different ways, which will allow me to put my strength training to good use.  Keep a look out for updates on what races I will be attending.  My goal is to do at least three this year.

The last thing isn’t really an important update, but figured I would include it anyway.  So even though I have stopped gaming as much, I still picked up Tom Clancy’s: The Division this week.  My friends had been talking it up a lot, and I have been waiting for this game since it was mentioned like three years ago.  So far this game hasn’t disappointed, and i’m enjoying it a lot.

Well that’s all the main info for now.  Thank you for reading…

So Aggravating

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So Aggravating

The other night my buddy Ben and I were playing SMITE (of course), and we were hoping for some really intense matches.  What we got however were team mates that were all but useless.  Now if you’re bad at the game I don’t consider you useless, because let’s face it all of us start out as a new player, and you have to learn the game.  What I find useless is people that go AFK (away from keyboard) for extended amounts of time during a game.

Now don’t get me wrong I have gone AFK plenty of times myself, but before I go AFK in the middle of a match I make sure that I let my entire team know, that way they aren’t expecting me to come help them in an engagement.  By letting your team know that you are AFK they are less likely to run up and initiate a team fight with the opposing team.

When you don’t let your team know you’re going AFK they may jump into a fight thinking that you’re going to have their back, when instead your character is twiddling their thumbs in the spawn.  This is exactly what Ben and I ran into not once, but three times IN A ROW.  We would get to character select and the random on our team would comment on how good our team composition looked.  We would spawn into game and set up on jungle buffs only to realize that our random was still sitting in spawn.

What makes it worse is after taking a jungle buff and getting into lane, they will finally start playing, and bitch immediately because one of us took the mana buff when they needed it more.  The funniest thing is when someone has been AFK for two minutes without telling you, and then they come back and start spamming the chat with “I’m Building Stacks”.  Well guess what Ass Hat so am I and I’ve been playing the whole time so you can continue to sit back and be patient while I finish my item.

Now this whole rant doesn’t just cover SMITE and other MOBA’s.  When I played Call of Duty people did the same thing, and it is actually worse in a FPS.  It’s worse because in Call of Duty for example you don’t have designated spawns.  When you die you spawn randomly on the map based off where everyone is which just means while you’re AFK you can die however often the opposing team finds you.  At least in MOBA’s you spawn in a base that is mostly unreachable by the opposing team until they have taken your towers.

Well thanks to everyone who reads my rant.  As always comments, likes, follows, and shares are greatly appreciated.


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So last night while playing SMITE I was accused of scripting.  At the end of the game the opposing Chronos player told me he was reporting me for scripting, and I had to ask him what the heck he was talking about, and what scripting was.  He told me it’s hacking, but that is all he said so I took the liberty of looking it up.

I found a few loose explanations by looking around on some League of Legends forum posts, but it basically boils down to this.

Depending on the script being run players can spam abilities quicker, constantly blink around the map, dodge all skill shots, and are pretty much unkillable.

For the guy accusing me of scripting and many other players out there who are quick to say someone is hacking I think it pretty much boils down to that person being lousy at the game, and wanting a reason to blame to make them feel better about themselves.  Just so you can see the game in question I took a lovely screen shot for everyone.


Now as you can see their Chronos was 0/8/6 and I was 16/4/5.  So I had the most deaths on my team so frankly in my opinion if I was scripting why did I have so many deaths?  Like I said before I think he just wanted to make himself feel better about sucking so bad.

I am still new to SMITE, but I have been getting progressively better at it, and I am no cheater.  I think the last time I ever cheated in a game was in Pokemon Red and Blue when I would use my Gameshark to get infinite Master Balls.

Tell me below if you have ever come across hackers in a game and how it influenced the outcome of your match.  Thanks again for reading and as usual all comments, likes, follows, and shares are greatly appreciated.