About Me

Hello readers.  My name is Jonathan Davis.  In gaming circles I am more commonly known as Hybrd Cobra or CobraDavis.  As I have used the Cobra moniker for so long I have started using Cobra as a title for many things.

I am a very busy person as I work full time security, am a full time student, father of two, and a husband.  I post as often as I can but sometimes there is a lull in my posts, as life has gotten too hectic for me to write.  I am open to constructive criticism so if you want to help me out be sure to leave comments.  I am also a very open person so if you have questions be sure to let them be known.

Now there are many purposes to my blog so I will take the time to briefly explain all the menu’s.

Cobra FiTT–  I am a certified personal trainer and an Army unit fitness trainer.  What I will be doing on this menu is giving fitness tips.  I am going to start with one fitness tip a week, but will try to get them more frequent as I go along.

Adventure–  I enjoy hiking, and am wanting to start trying other adventure type things such as sky diving, zip lining, bungee jumping, etc.  As I do those things I will post them.

Life Events–  Lets face it sometimes there are just really special events that happen in your life that you want to share, so this will be where you can find all those events.

Creative Writing– I love to write (even if I’m not great at it).  I am currently in school for Creative Writing for Entertainment, with an end goal of publishing novels and maybe writing for video game companies.


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