Posted: August 1, 2016 in Creative Writing
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After weeks of searching, I think my wife and I may have found our new home.  I went and saw it today, and though smaller than most the houses we have looked at felt like a good fit for our needs.  There are two things about it that I like.

The first is the giant unfinished basement.  I’ve always been a huge fan of basements, and with the size of this one we should have plenty of room for both a small office for me as well as a play area for the girls.  Since it’s unfinished, I’ll need to get some carpeting for it, so the girls aren’t playing on concrete, but once that’s done, I think it will be great.

Probably the best thing about this condo is that it’s right across the street from the plant that I work at.  Since it’s so close, I won’t have to do a lot of driving, but instead will get a little exercise by riding my bike to and from.  I won’t have to get up as early, and it won’t take me much time at all to get home after work.

The plan is to live at this house for a year while we save up some money and finished repairing my credit.  After that, the search will begin anew, but hopefully next time it will be to own a home.  Well, I’ll let you know as soon as I do whether we for sure got this place or not.

Thanks again for reading everyone, remember all comments/likes/shares/follows are greatly appreciated and will greatly help me in becoming a better writer.  If there is anything, you would like to see me write about be sure to let me know.  Until next time everyone…


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