First Week

Posted: July 30, 2016 in Creative Writing
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I have officially completed my first week of training as a Fire Marshal.  To be honest, most of my first week was incredibly boring.  I had to do a lot of online training for my Fire A-D certifications, Hazmat training, and the usual Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harassment type stuff.

I did get to spend a bit of time inside the plant learning some stuff, which was a more interesting place to do my training.  As a Fire Marshal, my biggest job will be to inspections on all the fire systems within the plant.  When a situation occurs, I will have to respond within five minutes, so one of the biggest things I have to learn is the layout of the plant.

So after this week I only have a couple of mandatory training things to complete.  The principal certification that I still need is my CPR/AED/First Aid certification.  This is a very important certification, because the Fire Marshals respond to all medical calls in the plant, and are the first on the scene.  The only other thing I need is my PERC card, which just allows me to work for a security company within the state of Illinois.  I should have my card shortly, though, since all my paperwork has already been submitted for it.

Other than those two things the only thing I have left is two weeks of OJT (on the job training).  The OJT for this position is going around the plant and learning how everything is labeled.  You also learn how to shut down and fix all the fire systems withing the plant (which is a lot).  After my two weeks of OJT, I will be in the probation stage, driving around by myself to continue learning everything.

Overall I am looking forward to this job as it seems a lot more interesting than any other security position that I have done before.  Well, that was my first week, I will probably make another post about my progress after my OJT time.  Thanks again for reading any comments/likes/shares/follows are greatly appreciated and will help me out as a writer.  Until next time…




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