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When I first started my blog devoted to nerdy activities, I said that I wanted to get into tabletop games, but couldn’t decide on which game to start with.  Well, my wonderful wife solved that issue for me when she got a box full of Warhammer and Warhammer 40k miniatures from a yard sale site for a whopping $80.  The box she got contained well over $1k worth of stuff, so needless to say I was ecstatic.

There were figures from all the main armies, but I decided to start with Chaos initially.  I chose Chaos mainly because their troops look bad ass.  You take a regular space marine and slap a bunch of skulls on his armor and he looks 100% cooler.  The great thing is that my brother and Army buddy both decided to get into it as well, so now I have two Space Marine players to beat up on with my superior troops.

We have decided on a 500 point battle in October to get our feet wet.  It’s not a very large unit size, but it lets us each bring several models while still getting to use a lot of the game mechanics.  I’m really excited to start up this hobby, even though it’s rather expensive to get fully into.  Lucky for me, my brother and I live really close to a couple good hobby shops that are excited to help us get started.

I have to say the best part for me, is that I enjoy building the models, and am looking forward to painting them all.  I like to collect stuff, so I have my eyes set on some of the larger models, even if they aren’t in the armies that I am interested in playing with.

If you’re into tabletop games let me know which games you play in the comments below.  Also if you play, what armies do you use?  As always I want to thank you for reading.  Any comments/likes/shares/follows are greatly appreciated and can help me grow as a writer.


I’m only writing this post because of course, I had to go out and get another Steven Seagal movie.  This one is called Sniper: Special Ops, and it also happens to feature Rob Van Dam who is a WWE wrestler.  Now besides one or two WWE and UFC stars (The Rock), I feel that they are all horrible actors.

Rob Van Dam like most of these actors is horrible when it comes to dialogue.  When they talk, they seem to be completely devoid of emotion.  Generally when it comes to fighting scenes they can do pretty well, because that’s what they do for a living, but talking just doesn’t to be their strong point.

Another big name that I just can’t stand to watch in movies is Rhonda Rousey.  I have only seen her in two movies; Expendables 3 and Fast 7, and in both, I was extremely disappointed in her performance.  As I said before her fight scenes are pretty fun to watch, but the minute you go back to dialogue, I just want to stop watching.

Since I’m on the topic of these actors I have to give props to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  The first movie I watched with him was the Scorpion King, and since then I like to watch his movies.  He has had a few movies I didn’t like, but for the most part it wasn’t due to his acting, but rather the plot of the movie.  One movie of his that I didn’t like was Doom, but I felt that was just a horrible movie.

How do you feel about actors that started out or who are currently WWE or UFC stars?  Let me know in the comments below.  As always any likes/comments/shares/follows will be greatly appreciated as it helps me progress as a writer.  Until next time…

I have officially completed my first week of training as a Fire Marshal.  To be honest, most of my first week was incredibly boring.  I had to do a lot of online training for my Fire A-D certifications, Hazmat training, and the usual Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harassment type stuff.

I did get to spend a bit of time inside the plant learning some stuff, which was a more interesting place to do my training.  As a Fire Marshal, my biggest job will be to inspections on all the fire systems within the plant.  When a situation occurs, I will have to respond within five minutes, so one of the biggest things I have to learn is the layout of the plant.

So after this week I only have a couple of mandatory training things to complete.  The principal certification that I still need is my CPR/AED/First Aid certification.  This is a very important certification, because the Fire Marshals respond to all medical calls in the plant, and are the first on the scene.  The only other thing I need is my PERC card, which just allows me to work for a security company within the state of Illinois.  I should have my card shortly, though, since all my paperwork has already been submitted for it.

Other than those two things the only thing I have left is two weeks of OJT (on the job training).  The OJT for this position is going around the plant and learning how everything is labeled.  You also learn how to shut down and fix all the fire systems withing the plant (which is a lot).  After my two weeks of OJT, I will be in the probation stage, driving around by myself to continue learning everything.

Overall I am looking forward to this job as it seems a lot more interesting than any other security position that I have done before.  Well, that was my first week, I will probably make another post about my progress after my OJT time.  Thanks again for reading any comments/likes/shares/follows are greatly appreciated and will help me out as a writer.  Until next time…



Yesterday I mentioned how PokemonGo has brought back the Pokemon craze, and how have used it to introduce and get my family into Pokemon.  Today I will talk a little about some of the things I like and dislike about the new game.


  1. By far the best thing I can say about this game is that it encourages people to get outside.  As a gamer, I can attest to the fact that games can quickly consume all of your time, which leaves little time for anything else, especially exercise.  PokemonGo, however, is a fun and addicting game that rewards you for getting off your butt and getting outside to explore.
  2. It is a great way to meet new people.  Don’t believe me?  Head to a park that has several Poke stops in an immediate area and pop some lures.  I can guarantee you that within a few minutes if you’re in a busy area there will be a whole lot of people converging on your position, and they will sit there for 20-30 minutes while that lure is active.  Granted the game won’t tell you to talk to these people, but you know they’re playing the game, so there’s really no reason, not to..
  3. For now, it keeps the Pokemon roster to the 150 from the original game.  Now I have no issues with all the later Pokemon, but I feel the originals are a great way to start, so people aren’t bombarded with the crazy amounts that are out there now.
  4. It has started huge gatherings.  I know in my area there is a Pokemon meetup event going out on Facebook at least once a week.  All these are big gatherings of players who concentrate around Pokestops, pop lures and talk to each other.  This is again another way that people are meeting new people.

Dislikes- While I enjoy the game it wouldn’t be a fair review if I didn’t bring up the things I don’t like.

  1. Safety.  This is probably my biggest dislike about the game.  People are driving down the road with the app on, and if a Pokemon they need pops up, they will start driving erratically to find and capture it.  On the other side of the spectrum, you have people walking and not paying any attention to where they’re going, so they either fall or run into something, or they get hit by the car.  Now, in reality, this isn’t any fault of the games, it’s the people playing the game that are the problem.  If you’re going to play this game, all I can say is watch what you’re doing and be safe with it.
  2. Pokemon Locations.  I feel this game needs to be confined to places like parks and maybe malls.  Keep the Pokemon from populating on or near streets, that way if you want to play, you know that all the Pokemon can be found in parks.  This will mitigate people getting hit by cars (because they’re dumb), and will also keep people from playing while driving.  Another big part of this is Pokemon shouldn’t spawn in graveyards, churches, government buildings.  Especially on the part of graveyards, this encourages the disrespectful behavior.
  3. My last big complaint is how the game constantly freezes.  I can’t tell you how many times I’m about to catch a Pokemon and the game just freezes, making me lose what I was catching.  Even more frustrating is when it freezes while an egg is hatching and you lose the egg and the Pokemon that was in it.

Well those are my big likes and dislikes about the game.  I could probably drone on even longer, but I need to get ready for work.  Let me know in the comments how you feel about PokemonGo.  What are your likes and dislikes?  As always likes/comments/shares/follows are greatly appreciated and will help me grow as a writer.  Until next time…

As I mentioned in a previous post, a lot of my spare time has been used up frantically searching for a house for my family.  I say frantically because up until a couple of weeks ago we weren’t going to need a house until the beginning of 2017.  Now that my wife found out that she likes Illinois she is ready to move before the baby comes in September and since she is back in Kentucky for awhile, that means that I get to search for houses as well as go to work and do all my course work for school.

Now I’m not complaining here because I enjoy looking at houses that way I can be sure we get a place that fits our needs, but just letting everyone know how crazy my life is at the moment.  In the last few days, I would say I have looked at about ten different places, and so far we have only found probably 2-3 that we really like.  The problem with a lot of them is that applications have already been submitted on most of them, so that means we have to wait to see if the other families take them or not which equals more stress on me.

What I have found I despise about a lot of these realty companies up here is that even if I’m applying for multiple houses that company manages, I still have to pay application fees for each house, which makes applying for multiple houses a financial liability.  It also doesn’t help that I’m picky when it comes to rooms and room sizes.  We can manage with a two bedroom house, but those two bedrooms better be big because my two daughters would share a room and I don’t want them crowded, and my room needs to be big because it’s my wife and I plus all the baby stuff.  I also like to have a basement or another room, so the kids have somewhere to play, and so I can set up some office space for all of my activities.

Well whenever we find the perfect place and get approved for it, I’ll make sure to post some pictures and give you a quick lowdown of it.  Until then let me know any of your house hunting experiences in the comments below.  As always likes/comments/shares/follows are greatly appreciated, and will help me better myself as a writer.  Until next time.

So I’m sure I don’t have to tell anyone, but a new Pokemon craze has engulfed not just the United States, but pretty much the planet.  This current craze was sparked due to the release of Pokemon Go, which if you didn’t know is a mobile game that allows the player to actually go outside and capture Pokemon by using their phone.  Due to the popularity of this new game, Pokemon as a whole has exploded back onto the market, which honestly I’m pretty happy about.

Growing up with Pokemon starting with the launch of the Red and Blue versions of the Gameboy game,  I am happy to see the glorious return of the little creatures.  Since I had so much fun with Pokemon growing up, I quickly hopped back on the bandwagon, but this time I brough my family right along with me.  My wife after some initial skeptisism for the game, finally downloaded Pokemon Go, and we had our kids running around the parks collecting Pokemon.

Not only did I get them all into Pokemon Go, but I also now have my girls collecting the cards.  Whenever they’re well behaved or help out I get them a pack of cards and they have fun opening them and putting them in their binders.  My 9 year old even wants to start playing the card game, so when they get back up here to Illinois I plan to take her to the local game shop to first watch the game played and then to help her learn all the rules.

Let me know what you think of the current Pokemon craze.  Are you for it or against it?  Let me know in the comments below.  As always any likes/shares/comments/ and follows are greatly appreciated.

When it comes to movies, I’m a huge glutton for punishment.  Growing up I was a huge fan of Steven Seagal movies.  My favorites were Under Siege and Under Siege 2.  The things that drew me to these movies were;

  1. Steven Seagal at the time was in really good shape and kicked ass on the screen.
  2. He almost always portrays a Special Ops soldier, elite cop, or a deadly contractor, which is one of the many reasons I wanted to be a Soldier.
  3. He made Aikido look extremely bad ass.  Generally when you see a video of someone using Aikido it’s methodical and slowly performed.  When Seagal does Aikido it’s extremely violent and fun to watch.

So as a kid all those things made me keep wanting to watch all of his movies.  Unforturnately the habit of watching his movies has continued into adulthood.  Watching his often times apparent B movies usually turns into such a disappointment.  The things that really kill my interest in his movies now adays are;

  1. Seagal is no longer in shape.  He has become an out of shape slug who seems to get winded after a stroll.
  2. The special effects in these movies are way over the top and look extremely fake.  He hits someone with a 5.56mm bullet and their chest or head just seems to explode outward in a ridiculous spray of blood.
  3. Dialogue from all actors seems forced and extremely dry.
  4. Endless magazines.  Most people who watch a movie don’t seem to mind magazines that have a never ending supply of bullets, but after being in the military for so long I just can’t handle it.  When you load a 30 round magazine and fire it full auto, that magazine will only last a a few seconds yet these guys can spray for a couple minutes at a time.

Even with all these things I hate to see though, I still buy these movies and watch them to the end.  You would think I would stop watching them, but everytime I get one I’m hoping to see at least a spark of the old Seagal that I used to love watching.

So let me know what you think.  Do you watch a certain actor or B movies even if the movies arent’ that great.  Let me know in the comments below, and as always likes/follows/shares/ and comments are always welcome.

It’s been a long time since I lasted posted something, and for that, I must apologize.  My life has been hectic and in constant motion for the last few months, so I am trying to get back into the swing of things.  So now I guess it’s time for me to fill you in on some of the changes.

#1.  I have officially moved up to Illinois.

I moved to Illinois back in April, and I have loved every minute of it.  I’m currently staying with my Grandparents, but my wife and I are in the process of finding out own place.  I’m hoping we can find a good fit before our baby comes in September.

#2.  Job Changes

So since moving to Illinois, I have had two jobs.  My first job was with my grandfather, doing tree removal.  This was a good full-time job for when I first moved here.  It was hard work, but well worth it, and it was very steady work.  I plan to keep doing this on a part-time basis.

I just started my second job up here which is at the Chrysler plant.  It is with a security company, but I will be a Fire Marshal and not a guard, and so far I think I’m going to like it.

#3.  Family Changes

The plan when I first moved up here, was for my family to move up the beginning of next year after my daughter is born.  That plan then changed to my family moving up in November, after my wife and daughter are well enough to travel.  Well after my family came up to visit, they have all decided that they want to stay here, which is why I am now frantically searching for a house to fit our needs.  All in all, I am happy with the way this situation is going.

So those are currently the three big things going on in my life.  Again, I’m sorry for such a long absence and look forward to getting heavily back into my writing.  As always comments are appreciated, as well as any new follows and likes.