Rainbow Falls

Posted: April 8, 2016 in Creative Writing
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So the first thing that I did once I got to Tennessee, was go hiking with my grandmother.  She has been telling me about this trail that loves, and went on 43 years ago with my dad and uncles.  She has wanted me to go hiking with her for awhile, so this trip was a great opportunity for us to do that together.


The name of the trail is Rainbow Falls.  It’s a somewhat difficult trail, that is 2.6 miles up.  While not straight up, you are always on incline, steadily making your way to the falls.  My grandmother is in great shape, so we were able to make really good time, and passed many groups of people on our way up.


Along the way there are many great places to stop and take pictures, and we took full advantage of those opportunities.  There are bridges made from logs, many smaller falls, and just great views of the surrounding areas.



It’s definitely a trail that I would recommend anyone to walk.  So if you ever head to Gatlinburg, TN, be sure to look it up.  Thanks for reading.


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