Sex of the Baby?

Posted: April 3, 2016 in Creative Writing
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So for those who don’t already know, my wife April is pregnant with our 3rd child.  We already have two wonderful girls (extremely spoiled), and this baby will be our last.  Today we found out the sex of the baby, and found out we are having another girl…

I have already been asked several times if i’m upset, and the answer is no.  While yes I was hoping for a boy,I mean what guy out there, honestly doesn’t hope for at least one son? With that being said however, I will love my baby regardless of whether it’s a boy or a girl, and the good thing with girls is I already have two so can somewhat deal with them.

The way I look at it, is that I can add another female nerd to the nerd community.  I didn’t have much sway with my oldest, since I was deployed for the better part of her early years, but I’m making great progress on the nerd front with my second child.  Pretty sure my oldest hasn’t seen any of the Star Wars movies, but my three year old can already tell you who Darth Vader and Yoda are.

This does mean I will have to stock extra ammo in the gun cabinet though.  I already have two good looking girls with bright blue eyes, so adding another to the mix just means more boys sniffing around my house.

Well thanks for reading, I know it’s a different subject of posts for me, but it’s a huge life event so figured I’d share.


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