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Posted: April 8, 2016 in Creative Writing
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Day 2 with my grandparents was an absolute blast.  We started off the day with a two hour Zip-Line tour, at Wahoo Ziplines.  The tour consisted of a total of 6 lines of varying lengths.  This was m first zip-lining tour and I loved it, so will be looking to go on more tours in the near future.  I recorded all the lines that we rode, and did my best to include parts with my grandparents, but since I was still getting used to my GoPro the shots weren’t always the best.

On each line, the guides challenged us to do something different.  Line one was just building trust in your harness.  You got hooked up then sat down, and the guide pushed you out into the abyss.

On line two they told you to get a running start, and then jump out on your own.  I had fun on this line, and tried to build up as much speed as possible to make the trip even more exhilarating.  Line three was the same thing, but they also challenged you to let go of the rope holding you to the zip line, and just relax.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 4.00.29 PM.png

Line four was one that many people didn’t want to try, and that was to hang upside down for part of the line.  They had you step back and basically do a trust fall, and then pull your feet up to the buckles.  This was fun, but my boots made it a little hard to keep my feet up the entire time.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 4.03.02 PM.png

Line five was a partner line.  One person just rode, while the person in back held both lines and made sure they never go too close.  This was one of the longer lines, and you got a lot of speed due to two people going at once.  The girl I ended up going with tried so hard to go by herself since she didn’t know me, but the guide let her know that she wouldn’t make it by herself.  In the end it was a fun line.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 4.03.48 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 4.04.17 PM.png

Line six was two lines beside each other, and you were encouraged to race the person on the other line.  The little girl that went beside me told me she wasn’t racing, so I just took the time to enjoy the line and have fun on my last ride.

Well it was a fun time, and think everyone should try zip-lining at least once.  Thanks for reading.


So the first thing that I did once I got to Tennessee, was go hiking with my grandmother.  She has been telling me about this trail that loves, and went on 43 years ago with my dad and uncles.  She has wanted me to go hiking with her for awhile, so this trip was a great opportunity for us to do that together.


The name of the trail is Rainbow Falls.  It’s a somewhat difficult trail, that is 2.6 miles up.  While not straight up, you are always on incline, steadily making your way to the falls.  My grandmother is in great shape, so we were able to make really good time, and passed many groups of people on our way up.


Along the way there are many great places to stop and take pictures, and we took full advantage of those opportunities.  There are bridges made from logs, many smaller falls, and just great views of the surrounding areas.



It’s definitely a trail that I would recommend anyone to walk.  So if you ever head to Gatlinburg, TN, be sure to look it up.  Thanks for reading.

So i’m going away for a few days, and not sure if i’ll have the time or ability to make a post all those days.  I’m leaving bright and early tomorrow (Monday), to head to Gatlinburg, TN, and spend some time with my grandparents.  I will probably be coming home Wednesday sometime, and then on Thursday the whole family is going for a little trip.

The trip on Thursday, is to Akron, OH to see our really close friends from Fort Drum, the Nabors.  We try to see them at least once a year, and it’s been a little over a year since our last visit.  We will probably stay in OH until Saturday sometime, before heading home, so my oldest is back in time to get ready for school.

Shortly after our OH trip, i’ll be moving up to Illinois, to work with my grandfather, until a better opportunity comes along.  So I have a lot of driving to do in the next week, but pretty much all of it will be fun, and I need to get back to work, so we can start really prepping for the new addition to our family.

The only time during my travels where I might not be able to post, would be while I’m in TN.  I’m not sure what capabilities my grandparents will have in the park they are staying at, so we will just play it by ear.  Thanks for reading, and will post some stuff about my trips, as soon as I can….

So for those who don’t already know, my wife April is pregnant with our 3rd child.  We already have two wonderful girls (extremely spoiled), and this baby will be our last.  Today we found out the sex of the baby, and found out we are having another girl…

I have already been asked several times if i’m upset, and the answer is no.  While yes I was hoping for a boy,I mean what guy out there, honestly doesn’t hope for at least one son? With that being said however, I will love my baby regardless of whether it’s a boy or a girl, and the good thing with girls is I already have two so can somewhat deal with them.

The way I look at it, is that I can add another female nerd to the nerd community.  I didn’t have much sway with my oldest, since I was deployed for the better part of her early years, but I’m making great progress on the nerd front with my second child.  Pretty sure my oldest hasn’t seen any of the Star Wars movies, but my three year old can already tell you who Darth Vader and Yoda are.

This does mean I will have to stock extra ammo in the gun cabinet though.  I already have two good looking girls with bright blue eyes, so adding another to the mix just means more boys sniffing around my house.

Well thanks for reading, I know it’s a different subject of posts for me, but it’s a huge life event so figured I’d share.