Parasitic Thoughts

Posted: March 30, 2016 in Creative Writing, Fitness
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When talking about parasitic thoughts, i’m talking about any thought that can detract from your day, or your goals.  So these thoughts can come from work, driving, people in public, or my reason for this post, just plain old laziness.  To start i’ll talk about the parasitic thought that I had to quash right away today.

I’d been cleaning and running errands throughout the day, and it was getting about time to go for my daily run, but a little voice in my head started whispering.  What was it saying?  That I was too tired from the day, and from running the previous couple of days, and that I should just make my mileage up on Saturday.  The sad thing is that I almost caved into these thoughts.

As I was driving back to my house though, I thought hard about it, and decided that not only would I not skip today, but if I was going to do a makeup run on Saturday, then I might as well just do another run.  Now the point of this whole thing is just to get it out there, that you shouldn’t let lazy thoughts get the best of you.

If you have goals, then you probably also have a plan to reach those goals.  Skipping one workout may seem innocent enough, especially if you have a makeup plan, but it plants that seed of laziness.  You skip that first day, and you’re that much more likely to skip even more days, which in the end ruins your plan for your goals.

Let me know of any instances where you had to shove those parasitic thoughts out of your head.  Thanks for reading, and until next time.


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