Working on Cardio

Posted: March 25, 2016 in Creative Writing, Fitness
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Since I have decided to start doing Obstacle/Mud runs, I figured I should probably improve my cardio.  I’ve been so focused on building strength, that my running and cardio in general have fallen on the wayside.  My only issue with running  a lot more is that I want to stay at my current weight, so I must balance running, lifting, and my nutrition to ensure I don’t lose anything that I have gained in the strength and size department.

I have to say that the biggest helpful tool that I think I have is a FitBit.  This watch helps you keep track of everything from your steps, mileage, to your heart rate.  I’m also reading a book called 80/20, which works on the theory that 80% of your runs should be at a slow easy pace, while only 20% of your runs should be at either hard or medium pace.

I really like this way of training, but the hard part is training myself to run easy on the easy days.  Since I haven’t been doing a lot of running, I set my target mile pace at 9:30, but constantly caught myself running at a 7:30 pace so had to dial my speed way down.  The constant fluctuation really got my heart rate elevated, so called an end to my run a little earlier than I wanted, but still got a few miles in.

I feel with all the tools I am using, I should have a good comfortable training platform for my cardio, and hopefully shouldn’t effect my weight too much.  Let me know how you handle your cardio and if you find any specific tools useful to your training.  Thank you for reading.


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