Obstacle/Mud Runs

Posted: March 24, 2016 in Creative Writing
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So awhile back I said that I am looking into getting into obstacle course runs, as a hobby and sport to give me plenty of fitness goals.  Well when I was on Facebook last night, I may have found my first race.  Its a Battlefrog open, in Nashville, Tennessee.  It is an 8k (4.97miles), with 22 obstacles spread throughout.  I’m not fully committed yet because its right around the time that i’m supposed to be moving to Illinois, but i’m really hoping I can do it.

My goal for this year is to do at least three obstacle or mud runs, and then next year try and make it a more serious hobby.  My end goal is to start doing the competitive runs, and then just doing the open runs when I have the time.  Once I start getting more serious with it I might turn it into its own blog, but for now it will stay on this blog.

I also plan on getting a GoPro camera so I can film my runs.  I would only film the actual obstacles, since watching someone run between obstacles would probably be pretty boring.  I think I will use a head mount, and will just have to find a good way to keep the lens clean while going through all the mud and dirt.

Let me know what you think, and if you currently participate in these types of runs, which brand is your favorite.  Thank you for reading, and I will keep you up to date on my plans.

  1. I ran my first 5k Mud Run about a year ago and found it’s a hell of a challenge but it’s also the most fun I’ve had during a run! I love your idea of making it a hobby, it will keep you in shape for sure! 🙂 Mud Run was hard, but I’ve heard the Tough Mudder is even harder, I have yet to try it but I hope to someday.


    • hybrdcobra says:

      I know it will be a challenge, but I need some of those in my life. I’ve done a lot of obstacle courses in my life with the Army, but have never done it for fun, and it sure looks like a lot of fun. I have heard Tough Mudder is a huge challenge as the mileage is really far, but I want to conquer them all at some point.

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  2. fitwithnogym says:

    I have never participated in a run before but this year I said I would do a Survival Race and the 5K Rugged Maniac. I’ve only heard great things about the latter so we’ll see when the time comes!


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