Posted: March 21, 2016 in Creative Writing
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One of the jobs that I have been looking at recently is that of a firefighter.  I’ve never really pictured myself as a firefighter, but there are some benefits to it that I like, and my younger brother has been a volunteer firefighter for a few years now and seems to love it.  One of the biggest benefits to me is that it is in the town that my grandparents live in, so I will be close to my family.

Before I can get the job there are several steps that I have to take to qualify.  First is taking the civil service written test, which is something I have done before to qualify for Louisville Metro Police, so i’m not too stressed out about that.  The other thing that I know I have to do is the CPAT, which is the Candidate Physical Abilities Test.  While the test itself doesn’t seem that difficult, i’m still a little stressed about it since I have never done it before.

All events are done while wearing a 50 lbs vest, hard hat, pants, and work gloves.

Event #1= Stair climb
This event is done on a stair climbing machine.  You must walk on the machine at 50 steps per minute for three minutes.  For this event you have 12.5 lbs weights attached to your shoulders, so a total of 25 lbs is added to your 50 lbs vest.

Event #2= Hose drag
For this event you must drag a non charged hose 75 feet, then take a 90 degree turn around a barrel and walk an additional 25 feet.  Then you must pull additional hose until a predetermined point on the hose has crossed the line.  When walking with the hose, you can only have up to 8 feet of it over your shoulder or across your chest.

Event #3=Equipment carry
For this you must pull two saws off a raised platform, one at a time.  Then grabbing both you have to walk 75 feet down and 75 feet back.  You can set the saws on the ground to readjust your grip, but if you drop either saw you fail.  Upon reaching the start point, you must then return both saws to the platform the same way you got them down.

Event #4=Ladder raise and extension
For this event you must raise a 24 foot ladder from the ground into a standing position against a wall.  From there you move to a propositioned and secured ladder and must extend it all the way and then lower it back down without letting it slip.

Event #5= Forcible entry
Using a 10 lb sledgehammer you must strike a target until a buzzer sounds.

Event #6= Search
For this event you must crawl through a tunnel maze to the end.  Throughout the maze there are obstructions that you must navigate over, under, or through.

Event #7= Rescue
You must drag a 165 lb mannequin by the handles for 35 feet, make a 180 degree turn around a drum and drag for another 35 feet.  The entire mannequin must cross the line to be counted.

Event #8= Ceiling breach and pull
Using a provided pike you must push up a 60 lb trapdoor three times, then pull down a 80 lb ceiling device five times.  Repeat this four times.

You must complete all events within 10 minutes to pass.  There seems to be slight variations between testing sites, but all the events stay the same.  Like I said, for the most part the only thing that has me stressed about this test is that i’ve never done it before.  Physically I don’t think I will have any issues with it though.  I’m hoping this opportunity works out for me, but we will see.

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