Posted: March 19, 2016 in Creative Writing
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Since I was a kid I always had a deep fascination of mythology.  My favorite mythology growing up was always Greek and Roman mythology.  Although they closely resemble each other, there are differences between the two and I enjoyed learning about both.

Of course as a kid, I had my favorites.  Ares and Athena were two close favorites as they are both deadly and uncompromising.  I also took a liking to Poseidon, even though I have never had any particular affinity for water.

As i’ve grown older and learned more, I have found that I enjoy several other countries mythology.  I learned about Egyptian mythology and instantly liked Set and Anubis.  Even though Set is seen as the evil brother of Horus, I still felt a liking for him due to his strength and resolve.

The last bit of mythology that I have learned about, and really enjoyed is Norse.  My favorite god from Norse mythology is Thor.  Although there are similarities between Thor in Norse mythology and Thor from the Marvel movies, when I talk about Thor, I mean the mythological version.  I like Thor because of his strength, and the fact that he is a loyal and honorable warrior.

I know there is a lot more mythology out there and I am going to slowly keep learning more.  I think the fact that I like so much mythology is the reason that I started to enjoy the MOBA game called SMITE, which is full of mythological gods from all sorts of deities.

Let me know which gods or deities you like or prefer.  Thanks for reading.


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