Ancient Warriors

Posted: March 18, 2016 in Creative Writing
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Ask almost anyone out there who the greatest warriors of ancient times were, and i’m sure the most common answer you would get is the SPARTANS.  The Spartans were in fact a very powerful, military force in their time, and won many great battles, but were they the greatest?  Spartan boys were trained in the ways of combat from the age of 7, which is when they were taken from home and entered into the Agoge.  The Agoge put these children through Hell, in order to build the discipline and strength required to be part of the Spartan phalanx in battle.  Yet they weren’t the only great warriors of their times.

In addition to the Spartans, you have Knights, Samurai, Mongols, Barbarians, and my personal favorite Vikings.  My opinion on who the greatest warriors were would have to fall to the Vikings.  While they may not be as skilled in unit fighting as some of the other warrior cultures, they did see a lot of combat.  Not only would they raid opposing viking clans, but they also raided the English so many times and so often that they were paid yearly just to keep them away.  While many of the other warriors I mentioned were great at fighting on prescribed battlefields, the vikings had to be ready at anytime to defend what was theirs.

So everyone is entitled to their opinion, and my opinion on greatest Ancient Warriors falls with the Vikings.  That being said, I love history, and I enjoy reading and learning about any warrior culture.  I know I didn’t mention many different groups of warriors, but let me know who your favorite warrior culture was.  Thanks for reading.


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