Posted: March 16, 2016 in Creative Writing
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One of my favorite parts to writing is the research that has to go into each piece.  While not every article needs to be researched, you can always tell which ones have research added into them.  Obviously you will have your subject matter experts out there, that can churn out an article without having to reference anything, but those are few and far between.

I like to do research, because every time I do I learn a little bit more than I knew before.  Before actually getting into writing stories, I thought that all thoughts in the books I read were original and came directly from the writers mind, but for the most part I was wrong.  In truth a lot of settings and background to Fantasy and Science Fiction novels can be traced to history.

Each story obviously has a writers individual thoughts and ideas, but at the same time they are pulling those ideas from actual events or stories that they have read.  Some people might disagree, but you take in so much information through your life, so it gets to the point you think your idea is original, but theres a good chance at least part of it came from something you read or have seen before.

Like I said I love to do research and add different elements to a lot of my writing.  For an example I’ll use the story that i’m currently writing.  It’s a Fantasy story, with many different cultures represented throughout.  There is a civilization based loosely off of the Middle Ages, with castles, knights, and villagers.  Then I am implementing vikings and barbarians.  Each civilization will be portrayed by different fantasy creatures, and of course there will be magic, dragons, and other supernatural aspects.  For each of those civilizations however i’m doing full research to make it seem more real to the people those races are supposed to loosely portray.

Thank you all for reading and let me know what you feel about research in the comments below…

  1. inkbiotic says:

    Interesting post, thank you. Writing fantasy must be a great way to make research exciting and I agree with you it’s enjoyable to learn. For my last book I was writing about several topics that interested me so the research got out of hand – reading about a dozen books on subjects like mind control, cults, advertising, the paranormal, parasites. In the end I had to stop reading and give the information a chance to sink in and percolate.


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