Big Update

Posted: March 14, 2016 in Fitness, Gaming
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Ok so I haven’t blogged in about a week, but a lot has been going on, so it’s time to fill you all in.

First, and probably the biggest update is I got my first tattoo.  I’ve wanted to get a tattoo for a long time, but wanted to be sure that I got one that meant something to me.  The tattoo I got is based on the traditional military memorial photo of boots, rifle, dog tags, and helmet.  Since i’m a Cavalry Scout, I had the helmet replaced with a stetson.  I also had the script of “All gave some, some gave all” added around the picture.  I got this tattoo as a tribute to all service men and women, that have given their life for this country, but also more specifically to my friends that have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Second update is in regards to my workout schedule.  We got a new CSM in my Reserve unit, and he is all about physical fitness, which is good, but means I need to get back into somewhat competent running shape.  Since I have been neglecting my cardio, it just means i’ll have to work extra hard in order to fix that deficiency.  I have also started supplementing my bodyweight stuff with some kettlebell work.

Morning                  Evening
Monday:                    Sprints                     Strength
Tuesday:                    Off                             Strength
Wednesday:             Distance                   Strength
Thursday:                  Off                             Strength
Friday:                        Sprints                     Strength
Saturday:                   Off                             Strength
Sunday:                      Hike                          Off

Third update is that I think I have decided on a sport to pursue as a hobby.  That sport is obstacle course racing.  I’ve wanted to start doing them for awhile, but just haven’t.  At least by doing these races it gives me fitness goals, which makes working out for me a lot more enjoyable.  I chose obstacle course races, because everything is incorporated in these races.  You’re running (if you so choose), you also have obstacles which challenge you in many different ways, which will allow me to put my strength training to good use.  Keep a look out for updates on what races I will be attending.  My goal is to do at least three this year.

The last thing isn’t really an important update, but figured I would include it anyway.  So even though I have stopped gaming as much, I still picked up Tom Clancy’s: The Division this week.  My friends had been talking it up a lot, and I have been waiting for this game since it was mentioned like three years ago.  So far this game hasn’t disappointed, and i’m enjoying it a lot.

Well that’s all the main info for now.  Thank you for reading…


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