Posted: March 7, 2016 in Creative Writing
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Well another weekend has passed where I didn’t get to write any posts.  For those who didn’t already know, I served 10 years on active duty, and am now an Army Reservist.  Reserve weekends are almost always crazy, but for those who have never experienced it let me fill you in.

When you’re on active duty, there are many different classes that have to be done.  Some are online courses and then some actually have to be taught in a classroom.  In a lot of active duty units you’re told what certificates need to be turned in by the end of the week and you get to go do them.  For actual classes everyone is told what time to be where to get it completed, and you just make sure you make those times.

In the reserves, you get a whopping two days to complete everything, which includes actual training for the weekend.  In my current reserve unit, we have a whopping four computers for the entire company, and on top of that the library is closed over the weekend so you have to use those computers.  With fifty people in the Company, computers get bogged down quick, but you also have to take into account that other things need to be done on those computers as well, such as NCOERS, counselings, and an assortment of other paperwork.

When you do finally get to a computer to start your training, your squad leader gets everyone together, and tells you all to go to EST (Engagement Skills Trainer), in order to make sure you’re good for the range next month.  So the key is to rush to the training, finish your portion, and rush back to the unit to try and get back on the computer and get things done.

Just for a brief overview of my weekend.

Morning: EST
Afternoon: RSO (Range Safety) certification, PMI (Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction)

Morning: classes on proper taping methods and quarterly counseling
Afternoon: Prepping for Best Warrior mock board

Morning: Drivers training
Afternoon: Best Warrior mock board
Evening: BA AAR (Battle Assembly After Action Review), Closeout formation, signing NCOER

Thank you for reading.  My next military related post will be about Basic Soldier Skills.


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