Life Change #2

Posted: March 2, 2016 in Creative Writing, Fitness
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In addition to working out consistently, I have also started eating better (besides my journey to Tennessee).  The best part though is we have the entire family eating better, which makes it easier on me since I don’t have to eat healthy while everyone else is still eating crap.  Now to specify, we are eating better, but by no means are we on a diet or anything.  Getting the entire family to change the way we eat was made simpler because April is pregnant and needs to be taking enough nutrients for her and the baby.

I have to say the biggest step towards eating healthier is staying away from fast food.  I have to admit, we used to eat out a lot, and that is one of the worst things you can do to your body.  Another thing is we stopped buying packs of soda.  I still drink a cup of coffee everyday to get my caffeine (to avoid my migraines), but soda has once again been cut from my “diet”.  My main drink of choice now is water, and most surprising is its plain water, where before I had to dump a container of MIO into the bottle for me to drink it.

Our last couple of family meals were as follows

Dinner: Chicken Salad with little tomatoes
chibata bread

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs
Mixed Berries

Dinner: Steak
Mashed Potatoes
Garlic Bread

Now again, still might not be the healthiest stuff, and I am by no means measuring servings or counting macros, but I feel its a good start.  Thank you for reading and look for more posts tomorrow.  Tomorrow we will talk about Pull-ups…

  1. Nice post. Looking forward to your next one on pullups. I’m working on getting 120 in 20 minutes!


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