Putting Hybrid into Hybrid Nerdz Gaming

Posted: February 26, 2016 in Creative Writing, Fitness
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So the title is a bit lengthy, but it tells you exactly what I want it to.  For those of you who don’t already know, I started Hybrid Nerdz Gaming back in 2013 as a Gaming Community.  The whole point in Hybrid being part of the name, is because a lot of the members and myself also liked to take part in sports activities, but we never done that under the Hybrid Nerdz name.

Well as part of my rebranding of HNG, I plan to change that.  I am going to start up a sports group/ team under the HNG name.  I want to start going to events with a group of friends and like minded individuals, and in the process it might even help out the Gaming Community as well.

The first sport I would like to get the community active in, is going to be things such as 5k race/walks and obstacle course races.  While I wouldn’t mind having individuals who want to race and win these events, I also want a group of people who can help each other, especially in the case of the obstacle course runs.

Now I know people live all over the country, and some of my readers live internationally, but I would like to go to several events a year and have a strong showing.  If anyone is interested in being part of the event group, be sure to let me know.  You can reach me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.davis.39948, my twitter @Cobradavis05, or my email jonathan.s.davis1@gmail.com.  Once we get enough people interested, I will look into shirts and such.  I’m also making out a plan so my graphics guy can get to work on the website and logo for the rebranding.

Thank you for reading, and please excuse any major grammatical/spelling errors as I’m writing this at midnight before I head to bed.  I look forward to hearing from anyone that is interested in joining the group…


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