Round the World

Posted: February 25, 2016 in Creative Writing
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Ok so last night was the Round the World workout in the Body Weight Workouts For Men book.  Something that I didn’t specify yesterday, is that there are three levels or stages to this program.  Each stage is a one month long program, and I started with level one.

Round the World:
Each set is completed 3 times before moving on to the next set.  AMRAP (As many reps as possible)

Set A:
0:30 Squat
0:30 Alternating Lateral Lunge
0:30 Back Lunge
0:30 Wall Sit
0:30 Rest

Set B:
0:30 Pelvic Peel
0:30 Bridge Kick
0:30 Forward Hinge
0:30 Rest

Core Chaos: Performed for 6 rounds
0:30 Pike
0:30 Reverse Plank Bridge
0:30 Rest

This was another really good workout and after Set A, I was already feeling a great burn in my legs.  I haven’t done wall sits in a long time, but it is definitely something I need to add back into my workouts.  At first I thought that 0:30 was too short of a time, but once I started going, I realized that it was more than enough.  My stopwatch just seemed to keep beeping, and really seemed to beep fast on the rest phase of each set.

Again I want to thank everyone for reading.  I will continue to post my workouts, and will also start posting some fitness tips, that can help anyone else start living a healthier life.

  1. lexilife says:

    These look really good! I havent seen this combination of moves before and it feels so refreshing. Might have to give this a go!

    Liked by 1 person

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