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Perseus Workout

Posted: February 26, 2016 in Creative Writing
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I’m going to start by saying, this was the most difficult workout I’ve done in awhile.  This full body workout is designed to destroy your body with a quality over quantity concept.


0:20 Standard Pushup
0:20 X-Jack
0:20 Mountain Climber
0:30 Rest

0:20 Squat
0:20 Back Lunge
0:20 Alternating Lateral Lunge
0:30 Rest

0:20 Burpee
0:20 Push-up Jack
0:20 Backward Burpee
0:30 Rest

Finisher: Complete 3 rounds with no rest
15x Squat
25x Standard Push-up
12x Each Leg Back Lunge
15x Inverted Bodyweight Row
15x Military Push-up
0:30 Dead Hang

As I said this was a very tough workout, and by the time I finished that last Dead Hang, I was so glad to be done.  I am happy to say that I can feel and see the difference that this program is starting to make.  Thanks again for reading, and check back for more workouts.


Bartram, S. (n.d.). Bodyweight Workouts for Men. Mike Sanders.

So the title is a bit lengthy, but it tells you exactly what I want it to.  For those of you who don’t already know, I started Hybrid Nerdz Gaming back in 2013 as a Gaming Community.  The whole point in Hybrid being part of the name, is because a lot of the members and myself also liked to take part in sports activities, but we never done that under the Hybrid Nerdz name.

Well as part of my rebranding of HNG, I plan to change that.  I am going to start up a sports group/ team under the HNG name.  I want to start going to events with a group of friends and like minded individuals, and in the process it might even help out the Gaming Community as well.

The first sport I would like to get the community active in, is going to be things such as 5k race/walks and obstacle course races.  While I wouldn’t mind having individuals who want to race and win these events, I also want a group of people who can help each other, especially in the case of the obstacle course runs.

Now I know people live all over the country, and some of my readers live internationally, but I would like to go to several events a year and have a strong showing.  If anyone is interested in being part of the event group, be sure to let me know.  You can reach me on Facebook, my twitter @Cobradavis05, or my email  Once we get enough people interested, I will look into shirts and such.  I’m also making out a plan so my graphics guy can get to work on the website and logo for the rebranding.

Thank you for reading, and please excuse any major grammatical/spelling errors as I’m writing this at midnight before I head to bed.  I look forward to hearing from anyone that is interested in joining the group…

This is a topic that drives me crazy sometimes.  Now, I know why gyms have membership fees, I get that but I have a huge problem with how the bigger chains go about it.  Nowadays most gyms charge monthly fees which again I understand, they have to make money somehow.  My problem stems from the fact that most gyms make you sign a one year agreement, which I think is crazy.  Now this doesn’t just include regular gyms, but includes things like Crossfit and martial arts studios.

My problem with a year agreement is that peoples interest’s change.  Another big factor is that people have to move for work, or frankly just choose to move, or in the case of martial arts, peoples schedules change and they just can’t attend classes.  Now some gyms will work with you, but just as many will try to force you to keep paying, even though you came to them and let them know your situation.

I miss the times where you could go to a gym, pay your monthly fees and utilize the gym for that month.  If the next month rolled around and you didn’t pay your fees then you were just out of luck.  Or from a personal trainer standpoint, you sign someone up for a set amount of sessions, and if they don’t want to come back after those sessions then you thank them, and everyone goes on their merry way.

Well there is my opinion on that, and yes I have had to deal with this problem several times in my life, when moving around with the military.  Thank you for reading, and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Ok so last night was the Round the World workout in the Body Weight Workouts For Men book.  Something that I didn’t specify yesterday, is that there are three levels or stages to this program.  Each stage is a one month long program, and I started with level one.

Round the World:
Each set is completed 3 times before moving on to the next set.  AMRAP (As many reps as possible)

Set A:
0:30 Squat
0:30 Alternating Lateral Lunge
0:30 Back Lunge
0:30 Wall Sit
0:30 Rest

Set B:
0:30 Pelvic Peel
0:30 Bridge Kick
0:30 Forward Hinge
0:30 Rest

Core Chaos: Performed for 6 rounds
0:30 Pike
0:30 Reverse Plank Bridge
0:30 Rest

This was another really good workout and after Set A, I was already feeling a great burn in my legs.  I haven’t done wall sits in a long time, but it is definitely something I need to add back into my workouts.  At first I thought that 0:30 was too short of a time, but once I started going, I realized that it was more than enough.  My stopwatch just seemed to keep beeping, and really seemed to beep fast on the rest phase of each set.

Again I want to thank everyone for reading.  I will continue to post my workouts, and will also start posting some fitness tips, that can help anyone else start living a healthier life.

So my first big life change besides quitting my job, is that I have fully committed myself to getting back into shape.  In the past year and a half, I have put on close to thirty pounds, and while it’s not all fat, I definitely feel out of shape.  My goal is to stay about the same weight I’m at right now (175 lbs), but tone it up a lot.  I’m fine with gaining weight as well since muscle weighs more than fat, but any weight I put on from now on I want to be muscle.

So for the past week or so I was doing a push-up challenge.  Basically I would do 200 push-ups every night and twice a week I would go for a run.  While this seems to work for some people, i’ve done enough push-ups in my life that this just didn’t seem challenging enough.  So to make things more interesting and add more muscle groups into my exercise, I shopped around for a good bodyweight program.

To clarify, I don’t mind weights, but I only use weights to bolster my bodyweight exercises.  I use a forty pound weight vest, and some kettle bells, but you won’t usually catch me benching or throwing a lot of weight around.  This is mainly because of previous injuries, and some current medical issues, that just make bodyweight stuff make more sense.

The book that I picked up is called Body Weight Workouts For Men.  It’s a great book that breaks down several great bodyweight exercises that you can vary just by changing your body angle, grip, or overall technique.  It starts with the basic; push-ups, bridges, pull-ups, and rows, and then goes into more advanced things like single arm exercises.  The workout I did last night is called Ares, after the Greek God of War, and it went as follows:


A. 10x Squats
5,4,3,2,1x Standard Push-up
5,4,3,2,1x Pull-up

B. 10x Back Lunge
5,4,3,2,1x Military Push-up
5,4,3,2,1x Chin-up

C. 10x Pelvic Peel
5,4,3,2,1x Down Dog Push-up
5,4,3,2,1x Inverted Bodyweight Row

Finisher. 10x Standard Push-up
20x X-Jack
30x Burpee
40x Mountain Climber

So for sections A, B, and C, you start with the 10x exercise then do five of the 2nd and five of the 3rd before going back to the 10x then doing four of each, all the way down to 1.  This was a great workout and looking forward to tonights.  Tonight i’ll be doing Round the World, so i’ll fill you in on that tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.

Life Changes

Posted: February 22, 2016 in Creative Writing
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So for anyone who hasn’t read some of my older blog posts, I used to work a security job that I absolutely hated.  It wasn’t a hard job by any means, but the pay was abysmal, and I didn’t support a lot of the leadership decisions that were constantly being made.  Well Thursday was officially my last day.  I received another bogus schedule so I quit on the spot, and I was very happy to do so.

Before anyone decides to bash me for up and quitting my job, I will tell you that I made sure I had a plan prior to doing so.  So about Mid-April I will move up to Illinois where most of my family lives, and will start working for my grandfather’s tree removal business.  I know it’s hard work, but I enjoy hard work as opposed to sitting in a car everyday or watching other people work (security).

While changing my job situation will go a long way toward helping my happiness, there are still many other things that have to be done before I can be fully happy.  Several things I have started to do since quitting to help me on this journey are: I started to workout every day again, I started to focus more on my writing, and while I haven’t quit altogether, I have stepped away from playing so many video games.  That last one has been hard to do as video games have been my release for sometime now, but I want to start getting out and doing a lot more, and once you turn on the video games time flies.

Now as I said there are still more things that need to happen, but i’ll keep everyone filled in as major events occur.  Until next time…