Larger Opponents

Posted: January 20, 2016 in Creative Writing
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So besides the higher belt levels, the group of people that give me the biggest issue in practice are larger opponents.  I’m about 5’ 9” and 165lbs so I’m not the largest guy on the mat and I’m not the quickest either, but I’ll roll with anyone regardless of size.

Last night at practice we practiced our arm drags, to mount, to x-choke, and finally to rear mount.  After that we rolled for 20 minutes to end out practice and it was a lot of fun.  My first opponent was about my size, and a wrestler so I played a very defensive guard to keep him from passing.  My next opponent was a larger guy, but it was his first class so although he outweighed me I was able to control him with technique, and was able to give him some tips from what I know.

So I didn’t have any big issues until my last two opponents, both of whom weighed well over 200lbs.  The first of the two pushed hard, but I was able to keep him from gaining the advantage.  The second guy however jumped right on top of me and laid there, and then he said the funniest thing.  “Fat guy break,” was all he said as he laid his entire mass across my chest.  I was ready to tap just from being suffocated, but finally we started rolling again.

While the larger opponents are tough on me, because it requires me to expend a lot more energy, I really enjoy facing the larger guys because it forces me to rely more on technique and less on strength.  That was the first thing I was told when I started Jiu-Jitsu, and its something that I still need to work on.  I’ll just keep working on my technique and jumping on the chance to face of with the larger guys so I can continue to better myself.

Let me know what you think about facing larger opponents, and how much trouble they give you.


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