So Aggravating

Posted: November 5, 2015 in Gaming
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So Aggravating

The other night my buddy Ben and I were playing SMITE (of course), and we were hoping for some really intense matches.  What we got however were team mates that were all but useless.  Now if you’re bad at the game I don’t consider you useless, because let’s face it all of us start out as a new player, and you have to learn the game.  What I find useless is people that go AFK (away from keyboard) for extended amounts of time during a game.

Now don’t get me wrong I have gone AFK plenty of times myself, but before I go AFK in the middle of a match I make sure that I let my entire team know, that way they aren’t expecting me to come help them in an engagement.  By letting your team know that you are AFK they are less likely to run up and initiate a team fight with the opposing team.

When you don’t let your team know you’re going AFK they may jump into a fight thinking that you’re going to have their back, when instead your character is twiddling their thumbs in the spawn.  This is exactly what Ben and I ran into not once, but three times IN A ROW.  We would get to character select and the random on our team would comment on how good our team composition looked.  We would spawn into game and set up on jungle buffs only to realize that our random was still sitting in spawn.

What makes it worse is after taking a jungle buff and getting into lane, they will finally start playing, and bitch immediately because one of us took the mana buff when they needed it more.  The funniest thing is when someone has been AFK for two minutes without telling you, and then they come back and start spamming the chat with “I’m Building Stacks”.  Well guess what Ass Hat so am I and I’ve been playing the whole time so you can continue to sit back and be patient while I finish my item.

Now this whole rant doesn’t just cover SMITE and other MOBA’s.  When I played Call of Duty people did the same thing, and it is actually worse in a FPS.  It’s worse because in Call of Duty for example you don’t have designated spawns.  When you die you spawn randomly on the map based off where everyone is which just means while you’re AFK you can die however often the opposing team finds you.  At least in MOBA’s you spawn in a base that is mostly unreachable by the opposing team until they have taken your towers.

Well thanks to everyone who reads my rant.  As always comments, likes, follows, and shares are greatly appreciated.


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