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After about a four year break, I finally decided to go back to Jiu Jitsu with a little urging from my brother.  Before I stopped training the last time I had spent about a year training and was an assistant combatives instructor while I was in the Army.  I’ve wanted to get back into it before, but trying to find a close enough school was always a hassle.  Well when my brother Kyle came up to visit us we wandered into Derby City MMA in Louisville, and I instantly fell in love with the environment.

So last night I went in for my first session, and oh boy was it an eye opener.  The warm up alone showed me how out of shape I currently am.  While doing front and back rolls I became dizzy very quickly and stumbled around the mat for a minute looking like a drunken fool.  Once we got into the training I immediately remembered why I enjoyed it so much before.  We learned several techniques to help regain guard and prevent a pass which was something I hadn’t really worked on before.

After learning our techniques we did King of the Hill for about 20 minutes.  For those who don’t know what King of the Hill is, several people start on the mat and are required to do a task.  In this instance the goal for guy on bottom was to regain and maintain guard, while person on top had to pass the guard.  Winner stays on the mat and loser gets back in line to do it all again.  I won my first match against a guy totally new to Jiu Jitsu, and then decisively lost the next 10 rounds.

Even though I lost pretty much all my rounds I still had a blast.  I got a great workout, learned some technique, and met some great people.  I’m ready to keep training and become better than I ever was before.

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With the holiday season looming, I have gotten very busy at work the past few weeks so I fell off the wagon when it came to writing.  Since I last wrote I have started to get back into some of my favorite activities, more specifically Jiu Jitsu and Magic the Gathering.  Since I have started to bring the hours I spend gaming down in order to take on these other activities, I have also changed my blog’s intent.  Where it used to solely cover gaming and nerd topics, it will now include everything that I like to do.

I will be posting fitness tips, Jiu Jitsu experiences, different adventures I may go on, gaming stuff (of course), and any significant life events that I would like to put out.  Now as I have said before there may be times where I just can’t write, but for the most part I will be trying to write at least three posts a week.

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So Aggravating

Posted: November 5, 2015 in Gaming
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So Aggravating

The other night my buddy Ben and I were playing SMITE (of course), and we were hoping for some really intense matches.  What we got however were team mates that were all but useless.  Now if you’re bad at the game I don’t consider you useless, because let’s face it all of us start out as a new player, and you have to learn the game.  What I find useless is people that go AFK (away from keyboard) for extended amounts of time during a game.

Now don’t get me wrong I have gone AFK plenty of times myself, but before I go AFK in the middle of a match I make sure that I let my entire team know, that way they aren’t expecting me to come help them in an engagement.  By letting your team know that you are AFK they are less likely to run up and initiate a team fight with the opposing team.

When you don’t let your team know you’re going AFK they may jump into a fight thinking that you’re going to have their back, when instead your character is twiddling their thumbs in the spawn.  This is exactly what Ben and I ran into not once, but three times IN A ROW.  We would get to character select and the random on our team would comment on how good our team composition looked.  We would spawn into game and set up on jungle buffs only to realize that our random was still sitting in spawn.

What makes it worse is after taking a jungle buff and getting into lane, they will finally start playing, and bitch immediately because one of us took the mana buff when they needed it more.  The funniest thing is when someone has been AFK for two minutes without telling you, and then they come back and start spamming the chat with “I’m Building Stacks”.  Well guess what Ass Hat so am I and I’ve been playing the whole time so you can continue to sit back and be patient while I finish my item.

Now this whole rant doesn’t just cover SMITE and other MOBA’s.  When I played Call of Duty people did the same thing, and it is actually worse in a FPS.  It’s worse because in Call of Duty for example you don’t have designated spawns.  When you die you spawn randomly on the map based off where everyone is which just means while you’re AFK you can die however often the opposing team finds you.  At least in MOBA’s you spawn in a base that is mostly unreachable by the opposing team until they have taken your towers.

Well thanks to everyone who reads my rant.  As always comments, likes, follows, and shares are greatly appreciated.


Posted: November 3, 2015 in Gaming
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So last night while playing SMITE I was accused of scripting.  At the end of the game the opposing Chronos player told me he was reporting me for scripting, and I had to ask him what the heck he was talking about, and what scripting was.  He told me it’s hacking, but that is all he said so I took the liberty of looking it up.

I found a few loose explanations by looking around on some League of Legends forum posts, but it basically boils down to this.

Depending on the script being run players can spam abilities quicker, constantly blink around the map, dodge all skill shots, and are pretty much unkillable.

For the guy accusing me of scripting and many other players out there who are quick to say someone is hacking I think it pretty much boils down to that person being lousy at the game, and wanting a reason to blame to make them feel better about themselves.  Just so you can see the game in question I took a lovely screen shot for everyone.


Now as you can see their Chronos was 0/8/6 and I was 16/4/5.  So I had the most deaths on my team so frankly in my opinion if I was scripting why did I have so many deaths?  Like I said before I think he just wanted to make himself feel better about sucking so bad.

I am still new to SMITE, but I have been getting progressively better at it, and I am no cheater.  I think the last time I ever cheated in a game was in Pokemon Red and Blue when I would use my Gameshark to get infinite Master Balls.

Tell me below if you have ever come across hackers in a game and how it influenced the outcome of your match.  Thanks again for reading and as usual all comments, likes, follows, and shares are greatly appreciated.