Vault 108

Posted: October 29, 2015 in Gaming, Nerd
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So for anyone who has kept up with my blog will know, I absolutely hate my job as a Security Officer.  I never had a lot of data for my phone, and just couldn’t find any mobile games to really get into.  That is until Nick (Hybrd Recon), knowing how much I like the Fallout franchise told me to check out Fallout Shelter.

For those who don’t know, Fallout Shelter is a game focused on you building your vault.  I labeled my vault as Vault 108, and had planned to use it in a series of stories focused around the character I will make in Fallout 4, but after doing a little research, I found that Vault 108 already exists in Fallout 3, so I will be coming up with a new vault number for my character to represent.

Now as for Fallout Shelter.  This game has a standard mobile gaming feel to it. You built facilities in your vault and after a given time you earn resources and the members of your vault level up.  I’m not to far into the game yet with only 57 citizens, but I hear you can get up to a whopping 200 citizens in your vault.

Each citizen of your vault has skills which affect which facility within your vault they should be working in.  Take strength for instance.  If your citizen has a high strength stat then you want them to be working in your power facilities.  Strength is also a good stat if you want to sent that citizen out to explore the wasteland.

Throughout the course of the game, incidents will happen within your vault that require immediate attention to ensure the survival of your vault.  Many things can happen including bandit attacks, fires, and radroaches.  As you gain followers bigger threats will appear including Death Claws, which are very hard to stop.  Like I said if you see an incident make sure to react to it immediately.  A fire for instance left unchecked can sweep through many rooms causing damage and loss of supplies, which can take a while to restock.

As I said before you can also send your citizens out into the wasteland to explore.  When you do this make sure you equip your person with good armor and weapons as they will encounter many enemies in the wasteland.  The stats of your citizens effects how well they will do in the wasteland.  Strength and Endurance are good for survival, while Luck and Perception help you find better equipment more often.

If you’re looking for a mobile game to eat up some time at work I would definitely recommend Fallout Shelter if you’re a fan of the franchise like me.  As always thank you for reading, and any likes, comments, follows, and shares are greatly appreciated.


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