I Wish Fallout had a CO-OP mode

Posted: October 28, 2015 in Gaming
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Ok, so I have played every single Fallout game that has been made.  I remember playing Fallout 1,2, and tactics, and the way those three games were made co-op wasn’t really necessary, as they were turn based, top down games.  However, ever since Fallout 3 launched, I feel that a co-op mode would be a great edition to the series.

The reason I say this is because the maps in these open world games are becoming so large, that sometimes it just gets boring traveling by yourself.  Also from what i’m hearing the map on Fallout 4 is said to be 3 times larger than the map of Skyrim, and that map was gigantic.

Now I know that having two players going after some of the most basic quests would seem overkill, but how about hunting Super Mutants and Death Claws.  In my opinion being able to tackle the map as a team would up the fun factor.  Also from what i’ve been seeing you get to build a base, house, and even settlements so working as a team would make sense and hey you don’t have to move together, but with two of you working on tasks you could save time and effort.

Now will Bethesda ever make these games multiplayer?  Probably not, but it’s at least a fun thing to think about for me.  So for now I will just have to tell all my friends the exploits that i’ve done, and keep wishing that we had co-op.  Also I want to say that while I want a co-op mode, I don’t think turning Fallout into an MMO would be a good idea.  Just the way the games play I don’t think it would be the same with thousands of players running around, because that takes out a lot of the options.  Take a look at Elder Scrolls.  When I play games like these I like the fact that I can do almost whatever I want i.e; killing shop keepers to take all their goods, taking what I want, etc.  The moment you make a MMO you can’t do all of that, because all players have to have the ability to interact with NPC’s that you might want to kill.

Anyway, thank you all for reading, any comments, likes, follows, and shares are greatly appreciated.


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