Back Again (Reserve weekend Over)

Posted: October 27, 2015 in Creative Writing
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Well I am officially back from my Army Reserve “weekend”.  I only put that into quotations because as an instructor my drill weekends tend to be 2-4 days, not just the traditional 2.  It was a pretty tough weekend, and the hours were really long, so I wasn’t able to play video games from Thursday to Sunday (pure torture).  Since I wasn’t able to play games or really research topics I took Monday off from writing so I could enjoy playing some games, and figured I would hop back into it starting today.

Now I know it’s not Nerd related, but I’m going to tell you a little bit what my weekend was like.

So drill started at 0730 on Thursday, with a APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test). The APFT consists of 2 minutes of push-ups, 2 minutes of sit-ups, and a 2 mile run as fast as possible.  You can get a maximum of 100 points in each event for a grand total of 300.  For me it was just a practice test to see where i’m at since I took a record back in March, and surprising to me I got a 275, so not too bad. The rest of Thursday was a bunch of admin stuff and I was home about 1600 (4pm for you civilian types).

Friday was the worst day of the weekend for me.  Friday and Saturday were set aside for Bold Leader which is a competition between Military Academies to see who will go to the final competition for all the ROTC Brigades.  So Saturday saw me at work at 0330 to help grade the APFT for the Cadets.  We ended that around 0730, and I was immediately pulled out to the zero Range to watch the Cadets zero their M-16’s which they would be utilizing all day Friday.  Since I was one of the only ones who had to be at work at 0330 I was told I would be released at noon…HAHAHA.  At 1300 (1pm) I had to be at a meeting for all umpires (we had to follow a team of Cadets around on Saturday).  The meeting was to tell us exactly how they wanted us to supervise our teams of Cadets.  Also at this time I was told I would have to be at another meeting at 1900 (7pm), in order to link up with the coaches from each team, and to see what time my team would head out on Saturday.  So after signing for equipment and meeting the coach I would be hanging out with, I finally got off base at 2045 (8:45pm), and home by 2115 (9:15pm).

Saturday saw me at work at 0600 in order to link up with my coach at 0840.  So from 0910 to 1745 (5:45pm) all I did was sit in a van, following 9 Cadets, and timing them every time they moved from one event to another.  So a really boring day, but felt like an eternity because we moved at a constant 4mph pace for miles at a time.

Sunday was an easy admin day, and I was home around 1500 (3pm), but I was so beat from the weekend that I did homework and watched some television before heading to bed.

So as I said I had a pretty busy weekend, and I am very grateful its over.  I look forward to writing on my usual schedule again.  As always an comments, likes, follow, and shares are greatly appreciated, and thank you for reading.


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