No Single Player?

Posted: October 21, 2015 in Gaming
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Growing up, my family didn’t have good internet so all the games I played were offline, and contained a single player mode.  I grew up with at least the option to play offline, and when I joined the Army and deployed, I needed that option as well, because our internet overseas just wasn’t strong enough to game online.

The last couple years however has seen the rise of games without single player modes.  Now I get that the vast majority of gamers want to get online and pub-stomp some noobs with their friends, but at some point the companies that are taking out single player modes will start to lose money.  I only say this because yes, they save money by not putting the extra work into designing the campaign, but what about all the people who can’t play online?

Lets take a look at Star Wars: Battlefront.  It’s about to launch and there is a huge Star Wars fan base out there so this game is set to make a lot of money.  Now look how many more people would buy the game if a campaign was offered.  Like I said before you have deployed Soldier’s who love to play games, but can’t play online so there’s a group of people who won’t be playing your game.  Then take a look at the kids who either don’t have good internet or just aren’t allowed to play online because their parents don’t want to expose them to all the toxic players out there.  Well those kids can’t play online so theres even more players that won’t be getting your game.

Now obviously it’s the companies prerogative to make the game how they see fit, but by taking out the campaign you’re limiting the amount of people that will get your game.  Besides you’re making a Star Wars game, and Star Wars is all about the story.

The other issue many people are seeing with this new way of making games is the price.  So before when I bought a game I was paying $60 for single player and multiplayer, but now you’re telling me that I have to pay $60 for just multiplayer?  That seems pretty asinine to me, what about you?  I just think that  these companies need to take a hard look at how they are starting to do business before it comes back and bites them in the ass.  Just saying…..

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