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Posted: October 21, 2015 in Gaming
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Ok I have to do a short piece on MOBA players.  Now obviously I have played tons of games in many different genres, and their player bases can have many issues, but MOBA players can be a special kind of stupid sometimes.  Before I get to deep into this, I want to remind you that I’m not a pro player by any means, and when I make a mistake ill fess up to it, but a lot of MOBA players don’t seem to be that way.

To put this into context I will be going over a video that was posted January 9, 2014.  Yes it’s a super old video, but the player, BestLokiNA shows the kind of stupid attitudes that I have been finding are prevalent in MOBA games.

For the first 8 minutes of the 1v1 Joust League match that he is playing, he does pretty well with just a few minor mistakes.  He is playing Loki and is facing a Chang’e who he has already killed twice.  At 8:20 into the video he again engages the opposing player, and for all intents and purposes has her dead to rights again.  She is really low on health, but manages to get under her tower, and this is where BestLokiNA makes his mistake.  He uses his ultimate to dive her under her tower, at which point she pops Aegis making her invulnerable.  Now instead of backing, he stays under the tower taking tower shots, just hoping to be able to finish her when her aegis ends.  As soon as the aegis is gone however, she pops her 3 healing herself, damaging Loki, while at the same time he takes another tower shot which kills him.

So after all that is it his fault?  NO, it’s the games fault of course.  He goes so far as to say he wanted to break his computer.  Instead of just saying, damn I messed that up, he flies into a tangent about why crap like that is why he hasn’t been uploading video’s.  Now again i’m not a pro player, but even I can see that he messed that up.  As soon as that aegis was popped he should have cut his losses and backed up, but instead he wanted to push for the kill, which resulted in his death.

Now I don’t want to say all MOBA players are like that, because they aren’t.  I have played against some really good people, and a lot of the time they will give you advice on tactics if you ask them.  It just seems that when someone makes a bad play they can’t fess up to the fact.  The other night my buddy and I were on a team with somebody playing a lvl 10 mastery Medusa.  This Medusa player was quick to call us NOOBS, and yet at the end of the game was 0-10 with the least amount of damage done on the team.

At the end of the day, I just wish players could acknowledge their mistakes, and just work on bettering themselves instead of trying to shove all the blame on other players.  I know I have a lot of work to do in getting better at MOBAs, but I play a couple of hours a day trying to get better.  Lets try to keep the toxicity in games down, so the community can keep growing.

As always thanks for reading.  Comments/likes/follows/and shares are greatly appreciated, and will help me grow.


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