So for those that don’t know this, there are Heroes, and then there are Anti-Heroes.  Heroes are very obvious, they do everything for the greater good, and have very high morals.  Examples of straight up heroes would be Superman and Captain America.

Then you have your Anti-Heroes.  They are still working for the greater good, but they have some flaws that take them out of the full on Hero role.  Examples of Anti-Heroes would be Batman, Deadpool, and the Punisher.

So what I would like to know is this.  Who is your favorite Anti-Hero?

For me it’s easy.  Mine is the Green Arrow.  Oliver Queen is a Billionaire playboy who grew up in a life of luxury.  Other than that he is just like you or me, only he had to better himself in order to survive.

What happens when you strand a spoiled rich kid on a dangerous island.  Well in most cases probably nothing good, but in the case of Oliver Queen he took an old interest in archery and perfected that skill in order to secure survival.  He took that skill and refined it until eventually he became known as the greatest archer alive.

Now as with all comic book characters there are many variations to Green Arrow, but in all of them he has flaws that make him an Anti-Hero.  Some of those flaws are killing villains, torture, and being a womanizer.  The fact that he had the drive to ensure his survival, and also the fact that he doesn’t need super powers to do what he does, is what makes the Green Arrow my favorite Anti-Her.

So if you have a favorite Anti-Hero be sure to tell me who it is an why in the comments below.  As always I thank you for reading and be sure to leave comments/likes/follows/and shares, as they are all greatly appreciated.


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