So sitting in a car for 8 hours a day is not my ideal job.  Security is easy and it allows me to write, but it’s very boring, and also has very low pay.  So while sitting here one day I started to think about things I am really interested in, and came up with this.

I want to be a professional nerd.  Now you may have heard of professional gamer, which is also a very interesting and appealing option to me, but what in the heck is a professional nerd?  My answer to that is there really is no clear cut answer to that question.

Like I have covered before, my definition of a nerd is very broad, so picking out one thing that would make a professional nerd is incredibly hard.  No lets take a look around.  You have professional gamers, and i’m not just talking Pro players, but instead I include Youtubers and Streamers into this topic as well.  All these gamers are also professional nerds, because they make good money playing games which is often looked at as a nerd hobby.

So there’s one way to be a professional nerd.  Another way is tabletop games.  Look at Magic the Gathering for instance.  This game has been around for a long time, and players travel all over the world to compete, and the top players make really good money to do so.  Also consider that most the top players also have Youtube channels, which when you have a lot of subscribers can net you a healthy monthly income.  So as with gamers tabletop players can have multiple sources of income just from playing games, which guess what… Makes them professional nerds as well.

There is also lesser known professional nerds out there as well.  Such professional nerds take the form of Cos-players and even LARPers.  The key to making money at this is again such things as Youtube and Instagram.  Build your followers and you can start making decent to very good money doing these things.

Finally take a look at what i’m doing.  Blogging once you get a large enough following can also turn into a very steady and profitable venture.  Granted i’m no where near that stage, but hey you have to start somewhere right.

Now my goal as a professional nerd is pretty extensive.  I plan to maintain my gaming blog, I will continue to try and grow my youtube channel, and finally I am looking to get back into Magic the Gathering after the very long break I have taken.  Will I be successful as a professional nerd?  Who knows, hopefully, but I can tell you one thing.  I will do my best to make it happen, because as I said before I have no intention of keeping my job as a security guard for much longer.

As usual I thank you all for reading.  I know I may not have the best blog out there, but I will continue to make it better.  Any opinions or feedback would be greatly appreciated as well as any likes/follow/shares.  Thanks again.


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