Jonathan Davis

So I took the weekend off from everything.  Spent some time with my family and played a bunch of games.  In this time, I thought about some things, so I figured I could share the pertinent stuff with everyone.

First off, I decided I need to cut down on the amount of games I play at one time.  I have done a few lists showing everyone which games I play, and let’s face it, there’s just too many.  I will have a decent sized list, but it won’t be as huge as what I was trying to tackle.  I mainly want to do this because with a list of 12 games I won’t ever be able to master a game.  Let’s take for instance CS:GO.  I wanted to get to the point where I could be competitive, but lets face it only playing it maybe once a week isn’t going to get me anywhere because the learning curve is just to large.  I won’t ever master the recoil if I’m not practicing all the time.  So here are the games I think I am sticking with, and they are in order of importance to me as of right now.

  1. Smite- I have really fallen for this game.  I have played a lot of MOBA’s, but this one feels the best to me.  For one I love Mythology, and I can play as most of my favorite gods.  Second the community doesn’t seem to toxic.  I liked League of Legends, but the community was extremely toxic especially to new players, and I didn’t feel like dealing with it.
  2. World of Warships- Of all the Wargaming.net games this is by far my favorite.  I love ship based combat, and that is the focus of this game.  I also like the fact that a lower tier vehicle can still easily kill higher vehicles without having to line up a very narrow shot, which is what you seem to have to do in the tank games.  Further more you on water so there aren’t really that many places to hide, so there’s no moving forward and backward constantly to get spots, but nothing else.
  3. Armored Warfare- I am sticking with this tank game for a couple of reasons.  One I enjoy the more modern feel.  Second this is the game that my buddy Hybrd Recon is really big into.  Finally, I know more about a lot of these vehicles, so it is just more fun to me.
  4. Sword Coast Legends- This may end up higher on the list eventually, but as it was pushed back a month it sits really low. I am still looking forward to this game after playing some of the early access, and I still plan to write some stories based off the adventures of my character.
  5. Rainbow Six Siege- I have mixed feelings on this one.  I played some of the beta, and when I was able to play I really enjoyed it.  I have a few issues with it mainly little glitches that prohibited me from even playing it, but the biggest issue is how over-powered the riot shields are.  I heard they are supposed to get nerfed so if that happens this game will definitely fill the hole that is currently my FPS game.

The other thing I have decided to do is get back into Youtube.  I have tried it before, but stopped mainly because I am horrible at editing, but thanks to my current class Computer Science and Internet, I feel that problem may be solved.  I just learned how to make a podcast utilizing iMovie, and it’s the same basic concept as making a video so I think I am going to give it another shot.  I will make videos from most of the games I am playing, and the first series I think I will do is on the history of the ships, and vehicles in World of Warships and Armored Warfare.  This is another reason I decided to cut down on the variety of games I play, because the more time I devout to a few games the better understanding I will have of them, which means my video’s will have better substance.

Well I just wanted to put out a real quick update.  Today’s games are going to be Smite followed by some Armored Warfare, so if anyone wants to play be sure to shoot me a message.  As always thank you for reading, and be sure to comment, like, follow, and share.


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