Such a NOOB to Smite

Posted: September 29, 2015 in Gaming, Nerd
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Such a NOOB to Smite


So as I said yesterday I just got into Smite on PC on Saturday night.  I had tried playing Smite when I played Xbox One, but playing a MOBA with a controller felt wrong somehow, and I was continuously dying.  So I completely wrote Smite off as no fun, until I got on Steam on Saturday.  When I saw it sitting at the top of the free to play section I decided I would give it another chance, only with a mouse and keyboard, and I am thoroughly glad that I did.

Now don’t get me wrong, as the title says I am a straight NOOB to this game.  I really have no idea which gods I should be using, and even worse I have no real idea how to build them in game while I play.  My only real saving grace is that I run two monitors so I game on one, and have open on the other with a build up.  The only problem with that is I don’t know the names of all the items, so while my team is fighting, here I am scrolling through the shop trying to match pictures from Smitefire to what’s in the store (NOOB).  However, after saying that, I am slowly figuring out some of the items as I have used a couple in every match, so there are a few items I can quickly find and buy.

While I haven’t played a whole lot, I have decided I really like this MOBA, and I will be playing it a whole lot.  I played through the tutorial, but in reality the only thing I needed to get used to is the 3rd person POV, as I have played several other MOBAs and the objectives are all pretty similar.  Following the tutorial I think I only played about three matches, two arena matches and one joust.  I know that if I want to get competitive with this game, I should be playing conquest, but I figure by playing arena I can start to figure out which gods I like, while also getting some in game experience.

So in the three player matches I played, my team won two and lost our joust map.  To be fair in the joust map though one of our players disconnected leaving it 2v3 for the majority of the match, and I was the only one positive on my team, though not by much.  From what I have seen, Smite is pretty good at matching you with other players of the same level, but I am sure there are smurf accounts running around as well, which is probably why some people seem to just roll right over me.

As to the gods I pick, I try to always grab an assassin.  I really enjoy high burst damage at the expense of health and defense so in pretty much every MOBA I have played I go for the assassins.  My brother who still plays on Xbox One says that I would probably also enjoy hunters as they are ranged characters, and can also do a lot of damage along with quick escapes, but you all let me know what you think.

The only two gods I have tried so far are Thor, and Arachne.  I used Thor through the entire tutorial, and also used him during two of my player matches, and I found him rather enjoyable to play.  He hits pretty hard, and by using his ultimate you can quickly hit the other teams back line killing off their hunters or mages.  I am also getting a pretty decent build down for him, giving him better speed, and of course a lot more damage.  When I played Arachne however, I was completely lost.  I still went positive with her with a ton of assists (30), but I had no idea how to build her, and worse yet, I didn’t have the faintest idea what her abilities did.  It wasn’t until about halfway through the match that I even got a kill with her, but I finally started figuring out her kit, and ended 8/6/30 with her.

Overall I have had a very good initial experience with the game, and am definitely looking forward to playing it some more.  If you think I should be playing any specific gods let me know and if you want to play with me, my name is HybrdCobra.  Thank you for reading, and as always comments, likes, and follows are greatly appreciated.


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