I need help

Posted: September 28, 2015 in Gaming, Nerd
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Ok so as I have clearly stated many times, I am a huge Nerd.  For the most part this takes the form of just playing video games and reading the occasional comic, but I am trying to expand my horizons even more.  Up until now the only tabletop experience I have had is in trading card games, namely Magic the Gathering.  I would however like to expand more into the tabletop realm and thats where I need help.

You see I really don’t know which game to choose, and seeing how a lot of these games take some serious dedication I don’t feel like putting a whole lot of money into one only to find out that I don’t enjoy it.  So what I need help with is mainly suggestions on which games are worthwhile.

To help with the suggestions I have previously looked into Warhammer and Warhammer 40k and I like the look of both, so of the two which do people prefer more and why?  I am also a huge Battletech/Mechwarrior fan so I know that’s an option as well, but while I have seen the pieces I haven’t seen many stores that hold games, so is that even a viable option.  Lastly I do like the World War ll theme as well as the medieval era so any suggestions for those are helpful as well.

Again I don’t just want to rush into a game and blow money on it before deciding on whether or not I like it so any and all suggestions are welcome.  Thanks for reading and be sure to comment, like, and follow.  All game suggestions would be best put into the comments section.


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