So as you may have already figured out, I love video games.  I will play almost anything at least once to see if I enjoy it or not.  My best friend loves to take full advantage of this and is always getting me to download new games.

The new addition, Hawken.  If you have never played this game I would classify it as Call of Duty, but with mechs.  You can choose between a wide array of mechs, each with their own abilities, and weapon sets.  You have big bruisers, small assassins, healers, and your basic assault mechs.  It really is a fun game, and as you level up you can upgrade your look and weapons.  Again its a free to play game so if you don’t want to grind away at your levels you can always just spend money to speed up the process, but the grind is good enough for me.

My other new addition is Smite.  Now Smite has been around for a little while now, and I previously tried it on Xbox One, but I couldn’t get used to using a controller on a MOBA so I wrote the game off.  Well since I’m back on PC I decided to give it another shot last night, but with a mouse and keyboard, and I enjoyed myself a lot.  I have had some decent exposure with MOBAs having played League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm, but Smite is a little different as your using a 3rd person point of view which is easy to pick up.  I think I am going to play a lot more of Smite, and will be trying to figure out which assassin gods I enjoy the most as i’m all about the burst damage.

For a quick recap here is the list of games that I currently play.

  1. Guild Wars 2
  2. Hawken
  3. Payday 2
  4. Smite
  5. World of Tanks
  6. World of Warships
  7. War Thunder
  8. Armored Warfare
  9. CS:GO
  10. Diablo lll
  11. ARMA lll
  12. Hearthstone

So if your interested in playing any of those games with me be sure to let me know and we can party up.  Also if there are any games that you recommend be sure to post them in the comments as like I said I am always willing to try new games.   As always thanks for reading, and any comments, likes, and follows are greatly appreciated.

  1. Dealer says:

    Play H1z1


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