Drinking Games



I do not condone underage drinking.  If your going to play any variations of these games, please drink and act responsibly.

So back when I was the leader of Hybrid Nerdz Gaming several of the guys in the clan started playing drinking games to alleviate the boredom we were having in Call of Duty Ghosts.  These games were a way to pass the time while still having fun with the clan.  Back when HNG was active in Clan Wars we were very strict with attendance rules so we knew at the end of Clan Wars we had to find a way to blow some steam.  After leaving Call of Duty I have played variations in different games as well, so I will tell you how we used to play.

  1. Call of Duty: This game is full of possible drinking games. The version most played in my clan was on the Search and Destroy game mode.  The rules were simple, if you died you took a shot of your favorite drink (Tennessee Honey for this guy).  In one game of Search and Destroy your team had to win 6 rounds to win the game.  That means there was the potential to play 11 rounds in one game.  If you aren’t good at Search and Destroy the possibility of being drunk off of just one game is pretty high.  My brother who’s Gamertag is Hybrd Soul found that out the hard way.

Now as I said before there are many variations of this game that can be played.  While still playing Search and Destroy you can also add in that if the enemy plants the bomb and it explodes then everyone on the team must take a shot.  By doing that there is now the possibility of 22 shots in one game if your particularly bad at Search and Destroy.  Some other drinking games with Call of Duty could be anytime you lose a match you must take a shot.  In Advanced Warfare when your playing Uplink you could take a shot anytime the opposing team scores a goal.

  1. League of Legends: My friend Hybrd Tragik taught me this drinking game after I stopped playing Call of Duty.  Whenever you’re killed by the opposing player in your lane you take a shot.  Now when I played this I was a complete NOOB at League of Legends, and I always played top lane.  My first time playing the League of Legends drinking game I was completely drunk after one game.  I think I had to take a total of 15 shots, and I was using my Cavalry double shot glass.
  1. CS:GO: The only other drinking game I have played while playing video games has been on CS:GO, and it ended about as well as my League of Legends version. I was still pretty new to CS:GO and decided to play the drinking game while doing competitive solo.  Now in competitive CS:GO you have the possibility of playing 30 rounds in one game.  Again I played where if you died you took a shot, and if the other team planted the bomb and it exploded you took a shot.  I don’t remember how long I lasted, but I can tell you I didn’t finish the game.

Now my clan didn’t necessarily create these games.  Maybe one of the guys found it online, or played it with other friends, but we were quick to adopt them when we were bored of pub stomping.  Again if you choose to play these or any variations of these drinking games make sure you drink and act responsibly.  Thanks again for reading, and as always comments, likes, and follows are appreciated.

Game Time

Game Time


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