Gaming & Fitness

Posted: September 20, 2015 in Fitness, Gaming, Nerd
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Gaming & Fitness


So I know that my blog is about gaming, but as I have said before fitness plays a huge part in my life, right beside gaming.  I feel more gamers need to get out and get active, so every Sunday I will post either a workout or something related to fitness on my blog.

Now just a quick explanation on some of my credentials that allow me to talk about fitness in the first place.  While in the Army some of my additional responsibilities were Unit Master Fitness Trainer, Weight Control NCO (non commissioned officer), and Squadron Combatives Instructor.  I am also a Certified Personal Trainer through the International Sports Science Association (ISSA).  So in saying that I know a lot about fitness.

Like I said I feel that gamers need to get more active.  There are several well known gamers who are very active.  If you take a look at Optic Gaming, probably the most well known Call of Duty team out there, they attended the Redbull training facility for a month learning a lot about nutrition and fitness, and most of those guys put that training to good use all the time.  Then you have Doug Censor Martin (Faze Censor), who is a beast and makes sure he works out everyday.  Now a lot of these big name players have their own fitness Youtube channels or video’s, but I think with all the pull they have in the community they could be putting a bigger face on the fitness problem amongst gamers.  There are way to many gamers out there who just game, eat junk, and chug soda/energy drinks.

So as I said I will be posting fitness tips, workouts, and advice every Sunday in addition to all my gaming related comment.  As usual thank you for checking out my blog, and any comments, likes, and follows are always greatly appreciated.


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