Tank Simulators

Posted: September 19, 2015 in Gaming, Nerd
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Tank Simulators

So I have started playing a lot of tank simulators as of late, and I have been having a lot of fun with them.  The main two games I have been playing are War Thunder and Armored Warfare.  Like I explained in my Game Overload post, War Thunder is a WW ll era game while Armored Warfare has more modern vehicles.

Now while I thoroughly enjoy both games, I also have some issues with them.  I have to say my biggest concern with both games is the selling of premium vehicles.  I get that they are both on the Free to Play model so selling vehicles is one way for them to earn money, but here are my issues with it.  For the most part premium vehicles seem to be overpowered allowing low tier tanks to obliterate higher tiers.  Along with that, by selling premium vehicles it allows new players who have no experience with the game to buy a higher tier vehicle and completely bypass the low tiers which is where you should be learning to play the game.

I’m not against the Free to Play model but the selling of vehicles that can easily overpower tanks of the same tier seems ridiculous to me.  What I do like that both games do is they allow you to purchase premium time, which just allows you to earn more money and experience after each map.  Also on the Free to Play model you can transfer extra experience you earn with tanks to global experience to be used on any tank by using gold which is something else you can get with real money.  Neither premium time or buying gold really provides an unfair advantage to a player so I’m completely fine with that, but premium vehicles really get on my nerves.

My only other complaints have nothing to do with the games, but are with players in general.  Both of these complaints actually fit in with each other.  The big issue is players don’t know how to play their role.  In armored warfare you have main battle tanks, armored fighting vehicles, light tanks, tank destroyers, and artillery.  Here is the issue, you will have someone playing in an AFV, and instead of moving forward to spot enemies they hang all the way in the back and think they are going to deal tons of damage.  What this does is forces friendly tanks to move forward without a screen so they get spotted almost immediately by enemy reconnaissance that they can’t see, and ends with them getting hit by every enemy vehicle in the area.  So I am hoping players start to learn how to play their role as it will make the game more enjoyable for everyone.

Like I said I enjoy both games a lot there are just small things that I wish would change.  For those that don’t know Armored Warfare is currently in early access but will be opening up for Open Beta soon.

As always thanks for checking out my blog, and any comments, likes, and follows are always welcome.  If you want to see a post about anything gaming related just let me know in the comments or send me a direct message.


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