Why I’m a Gamer

I get asked all the time, why I game, and for me it’s pretty simple.  I game for many reasons, but gaming has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  As I have said before I’m a very active person as well, and have been all my life, but gaming is something that I have always loved to do.

Growing up, gaming was kind of a bonding thing for my dad and I.  He was career Military so he was always training or deploying so I never got to spend a great deal of time with him.  When he was home however most of the time we spent together was spent on video games.  It started back when I was really young playing games such as Mario and Duck Hunt on the Nintendo, and then as I got older we played more games against each other such as Command and Conquer and wrestling games.

As I got older I think all this time spent with my dad grew my appetite for competitive gaming as my dad isn’t someone that just let’s you win.  I can remember many times playing split screen where if I managed to beat him or even kill him once he would rage super hard (probably why I rage a lot in games as well).  Like I said though I feel he grew my competitive drive because even though I would usually lose my goal was to beat my dad at games.

When I got to middle school and high school though games helped me get a relief from real life.  Since we moved around a lot it became pretty hard for me to make friends.  I didn’t really get bullied or anything, but I was the quiet kid that really didn’t have much to say, and only had a few select friends.  My favorite games at this point in my life became RPG’s because I could just make a character who was immensely powerful, and who everyone liked (pretty sad right).

Then came my years in the Army.  For the first couple years in the Army I didn’t really game a whole lot.  I was constantly in the field training or in Iraq on deployments.  After my second deployment though like I said before gaming became a big part of my life again.  I didn’t do it because I didn’t have friends like in school, I had a lot of friends in the military and most of them were gamers as well.  Nope gaming in the military took on two new forms.

The first was competition.  I found this wonderful site called Game Battles, and never looked back.  Starting with Black Ops on Xbox 360 a few friends and I made a team and started playing in the Call of Duty seasons.  We weren’t that great, but we were constantly improving, and slowly adding to our little gaming group.  When Modern Warfare 3 launched we formed a clan called Task Force Dwarf, and rained flaming misery on the Hardcore community.  For us it wasn’t about run and gunning, we would strong point a spot on the map and force everyone to come to us, and face an impenetrable wall of lead and grenades.  After MW3 we of course moved onto Black Ops 2 where playing for me really kicked off as they introduced League Play which allowed us to set up our teams and run through the seasons.  After that came Ghosts and at this point Task Force Dwarf fell apart as we had all moved away from each other and most our group had left the Military.  This is when I formed Hybrid Nerdz Gaming in order to take part in Clan Wars which was the new big thing for the Call of Duty franchise.  Along with clan wars HNG also ran several competitive teams with our main team being the most successful in the Search and Destroy game mode.  Finally, Advanced Warfare came out and this is where I left the Call of Duty scene and for the most part HNG also fell apart.  I still have my competitive drive and play many games on PC that allow me to face off against other players and test my skill, but as of right now I’m not on a dedicated competitive squad.

The last reason I game is as a stress reliever.  My life has been super hectic for awhile now and since punching someone in the face at work is frowned upon I take all my anger out in video games.  If I get super fired up at work, when I get home I put in a shooter or a game like Grand Theft Auto and I just raise as much mayhem as I can.  It generally cools me down, and I can get back to whatever I need to do.  Like I said it’s a whole lot better then yelling or getting into a physical altercation with someone at work.

So I think that should pretty much explain why I am a huge gamer.  There are other little reasons out there as well, but I figured I would cover the main ones.  As always please comment, like, and follow.


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