I’m Back

So it’s been awhile since I last wrote on my blog, and I just figured that I would give everyone a quick update.  Since my last post I have been super busy with everything in my life.  For those that don’t know I work full time, go to school full time, I’m a father to two little girls, and I am also an Army reservist.  So needless to say my team gets eaten up pretty quickly.

Along with all my life responsibilities I have also been gaming a lot, and since my blog is mostly gaming related I don’t feel like I have a legitimate excuse for not posting regularly.  So in saying that my new goal is to post on my blog at least five times a week.

Now just a refresher, I originally started this blog to keep myself writing so that I can continuously improve in that aspect as I am going to school for Creative Writing.  So again any feedback either about my topic or to critique my writing is always appreciated.  Since I am in a since starting my blog fresh I am going to be changing the premise of my blog a little, and I will explain that more.

When I first started the blog my plan was to critique Youtube video’s made by gamers.  I will still be doing that, but I will also add that I might post about anything related to gaming, and other nerd hobbies.  What do I mean by nerd hobbies?  Well that’s simple, nerd hobbies to me include things such as comics, tabletop games, comic con’s, video game conventions, cosplay (which I don’t do but after going to a comic con some cosplay looks pretty cool), etc.

Now just to reiterate before I get blasted for saying those hobbies are for nerds.  I AM A NERD.  I will be making a post more on Nerds, but again I don’t feel being a nerd is a bad thing so just wanted to make sure everyone knows that I am not trying to offend anyone.

This has been a very short post, but I felt obligated to let everyone know why I have been gone, and that I am returning.  I look forward to writing for everyone, and I would greatly appreciate any feedback, like, shares, and follows.


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