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My first video review for this week was uploaded by James Eubanks (Clayster) on  16 June 2015.  It is titled “Leaving Denial, Joining FaZe Explanation Video.”

I am going to start by saying this video highlights almost everything that I find wrong with the competitive Call of Duty scene.  Clayster throws the word “loyal” around a lot throughout the video, but nothing he says leads me to believe that he understands what the word even means.

He starts off by saying that after the X Games he and Attach were approached by Jkap and Replays saying how they weren’t happy with their performance in the tournament and would understand if they needed to be dropped.  Instead of just dropping one or the other both Jkap and Replays were dropped in the hopes that a good duo could be found to replace them on Denial.  All of that I can live with, but now begins the really messed up part.

Clayster and Attach get together and make their recipe for the perfect players to approach about joining Denial only to be shot down several times.  Their next idea “Lets try scalping from FaZe”, so they approach Huke and Slasher who both seem to begin considering the offer.

While Huke and Slasher consider the offer, Clayster and Attach are approached by Enable and ZooMaa who offer the two members of Denial Huke and Slasher’s positions on FaZe.  The two sides talk back and forth about money and contracts and who can offer who what and nothing is officially decided except that Huke and Slasher tell Clayster no, they would prefer to stay with FaZe.

Next thing you know Huke and Slasher are dropped from FaZe for even considering switching teams and instead of picking them up to complete the Denial roster since he was the one who instigated the whole issue what does the “loyal” Clayster do?  He swoops in with Attach and takes the two open slots on FaZe.

Now from what I have seen things like this happen all the time in the competitive Call of Duty scene and really it disgusts me.  A team has a bad tournament so instead of taking the time to look at what they did wrong and work on it they swap players.  Now since this is about a video that Clayster made just to look at his team stats he has been on 7 teams since 2013, 7 teams that’s ridiculous.

I think if teams in competitive Call of Duty could stick with the same roster with minor changes here or there they could be more successful in the long haul.  Not to jump on the Optic bandwagon but they seem to do a very good job of keeping players in their organization.  I just think its something the pros should look at and think about fixing.

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Hybrd Cobra


So I am just starting this blog out and the reason I am starting it is to help me improve my writing skills.  I am currently a student at Full Sail University pursuing a degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment and since I have been out of high school for so long (10 years), my writing skills have fallen off a bit.

The focus for my blog is going to be GAMING.  I am a huge and very passionate gamer and have been for as long as I can remember.  I have dabbled in several different competitive scenes and own my own gaming community called Hybrid Nerdz Gaming (  I have tried Youtube and putting my opinions on video but I am more into writing than I am into making videos so I figure a blog is the way for me to go.

My plan for this blog is to post at least three big posts a week.  Those posts will mostly be my opinion about big Youtubers videos.  They always ask for thoughts and opinions so I am going to write out my thoughts in a blog and provide any evidence as to why I do or don’t agree with their content.  I only plan to do three of these a week so that I have enough time to do background research on the video topic so that my blog doesn’t turn into a giant rant session.

I will also make smaller posts throughout the week on things that I want to talk about or any big gaming events that I think need to be mentioned.  Also since I was a huge Call of Duty player my gamerscore on Xbox is severely lacking so my goal for the end of the year is to have a score of 20,000 (currently have around 15,000) so that means every Sunday I will post an update on any achievements I earned throughout the week.

As I said at the beginning I am starting this blog to improve my writing so please be sure to leave any comments and or ideas for me below.