Anybody who has been around gaming for any amount of time, knows that there is a game out there for everyone. How do you go about finding it though? The process is probably different for each person, but at some point, you find a game that just feels right.

For me, finding the right game requires trying out many different games in a genre. Let’s take MOBAs for instance. There is a plethora of games that are classified as MOBAs, but they all have different mechanics that make some people love them and some people hate them. Let’s look at a few of them and the different mechanics that go along with them.


1. League of Legends – LOL has been the king of MOBAs for many years now. They constantly update the game to change balancing of heroes and gear, while also adding more of each. It’s your standard 3 lane push MOBA, where you must destroy towers to get to your enemy’s base. It takes skill to succeed LOL, but once you get to that level it’s a great time. One of the biggest issues with LOL, in my opinion is the toxicity towards new players. The community is very toxic and it is enough to push new players to other games.
2. DOTA 2 – DOTA 2 is another big name in the MOBA genre. It’s very similar to League of Legends, but the heroes and the jungle (area between lanes) are completely different. I honestly haven’t put a lot of time into DOTA 2 however, so it’s hard for me to give you a whole lot of information on it. I will say that the community seems to be a whole lot less toxic, judging from the few games that I have played.
3. SMITE – Of all the MOBAs that I will talk about, SMITE is my favorite. I have spent a lot of time on SMITE on both PC and Xbox One and can honestly say that it is the one for me. SMITE is a third person MOBA where all the other MOBAs I’ve played are top down. In my opinion it makes it easier to land my skill shots, as I’m playing it as I would any third person shooter. The heroes in this game are all gods from mythology which is another thing I love. As I said, finding your game is all about playing many games until you find the one that feels best to you.

There are many genres of gaming, and many games within that genre. Go out and find the one that is meant for you. I will tell you that my wife enjoys gaming, and she’ll play Call of Duty with me because it’s what I like to play, but for her, the shooter made for her is Plants VS Zombies. Again, it took her playing many games, but that is the one that she enjoys.

How do you find your favorite games? Do you just know from watching videos that you must have a game, or do you have to play many different games to find the one that “calls” to you? Let me know in the comments below, and thanks for visiting.



So besides gaming and working out, one of my favorite things to do is obviously reading and writing. I graduated with a BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment, but I haven’t really done anything with it. That is about to change.

I’ve fully jumped into the world development of two different series that I’ve been outlining. One is a military Sci-Fi universe and the other is a Fantasy world. I’ve been planning both for awhile, but hadn’t fully committed until recently.

In addition to that I’m working on a few other projects that are gaming focused that I’ll explain.

1. 1v1 magazine- this is actually an idea that I had when I left Active Duty, and it failed miserably. This time I’m going to make it as a blog, with a focus on competitive gaming content.

2. I also plan to make several guide books pertaining to gaming.

  • A guide to streaming
  • A guide to multiplayer games
  • A guide to MOBA games
  • A guide to competitive gaming

Those are just a few ideas and the names will be more creative, but it gives you an idea of what I’m thinking.

If you have any other ideas for me, be sure to let me know in the comments below. Thank you for stopping by and reading.

By: Jonathan Davis

Have you ever jumped out of a plane (or a bus) while playing either PUBG or Fortnite and proceeded to ambush other players while continuously being herded towards the center of the map by an always approaching wall of energy?

If you have then you have experienced a Battle Royale game, a genre that has very quickly taken the top slots on streaming platforms like Twitch and Mixer.  The problem is, with the success of a couple Battle Royale games, all game producers now want a piece of the action.

We went from DayZ, which is the game that really started the craze, to PUBG, and now finally Fortnite.  Each of these games took what the game previous had done and expanded on it.  The end result is you have the more realistic PUBG, squaring off with the more cartoonish and fun loving Fortnite.  This is all well and good, but now there are rumors floating around that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will drop the single player campaign for…you guessed it.  A BATTLE ROYALE MODE!!

Call of Duty isn’t the only game rumored to be adding Battle Royale to their games.  It’s also been rumored that Battlefield powerhouse DICE is also thinking about delving into Battle Royale.  Now some of you may be asking yourself why I say this is ruining gaming, and here’s my response to that.

1. Both Call of Duty and Battlefield have built their fan bases for certain reasons.  Call of Duty is a fast paced, team based shooter, and Battlefield is a large-scale battle with a large variety of weapons and vehicles.  They both do their style of game well, so why change it now?

2. Both these games have also been known to have good single player campaigns.  While the vast majority of players play games for multiplayer, you still have people who either enjoy the campaign or don’t have internet capable of a stable connection for multiplayer.  So, by taking away that option, you lose some of your player base.

3. PUBG and Fortnite have already staked their claim on this genre.  By trying to enter this genre, both these titles will have to take away from what makes them unique, in order to try and make a good Battle Royale mode that is different than the current models.

In closing, Battle Royale games are a new, fun and addicting genre to play.  Other companies are seeing that and want to emulate it for their own gain, which in reality will probably only hurt their fan base.  Call of Duty and Battlefield should stick to what has worked for them for many years.

Let me know what you think of the rumors pertaining to Call of Duty and Battlefield trying to edge their way into the Battle Royale scene.  Do you think they should try it or leave it to the already established PUBG and Fortnite?  Let me know in the comments below.

Making Time

Posted: March 1, 2018 in Gaming
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It’s been a long time since I last wrote a post and for that I’m sorry.  I’ve been trying to get my personal life taken care of which has been a very long process.  While I’m still working on that front, I’ve also decided to commit to making time a few days a week to posting on my blogs.  I’m a writer amongst many other things and definitely need to commit to writing more.

I will post a schedule at a later time, but for now I just wanted to let my followers know that I’m back once again.  The topics that I will be writing about are; games I’m playing, gear I’m using, and any gaming news that I find relevant to my gaming life.

Again sorry this is a short post, but before I go, here are the games I’m currently playing.  If you think I should be playing something else as well, let me know.

Monster Hunter: World- Xbox One
The Division- Xbox One
Rainbow Six: Siege- PC
Heroes of the Storm- PC
Total War: Warhammer II- PC

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the blog from here on out.

Heroic Public Events

Posted: September 11, 2017 in Gaming
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Destiny 2

In Destiny 2 there are certain ways for you to turn a regular public event into a heroic event which provides you with a better chance of rewards.  When the public event begins you must do a series of activities to turn that event into a Heroic one.  Below is a list of the public events and what you must do to start a heroic.

Here’s what you need to do for each public event:

Glimmer Extraction
During each glimmer extraction, there will be a small device on the ground which is able to be destroyed. Destroy 3 of these and heroic mode will activate. When looking for it look for a small circular device that is beaming up glimmer.  It takes a lot of damage so you will need to focus on it to destroy it before the crews are killed.

Injection Rig
Periodically the inside of the bubble will start causing burn damage because of the jets. During this time, ports will open on the rig which you can damage. There are 3 tiers you have to destroy to activate the heroic mode top, middle, and bottom. This one is pretty tough because you are taking damage and they have a lot of health. Try to find a vehicle to help with the damage.

Ether Resupply
Damage the large servitor until it spawns smaller servitors which put a shield on the boss. Kill these smaller servitors when they spawn, there will be a few waves of them and eventually, 3 will spawn which should trigger the heroic once all are dead. Make sure to kill them quickly because they can disappear.

Disrupt Vex Construction
There will be 3 rings on the ground near the objective you have to defend, you can usually follow the light trails coming from the defense point. Stand in them until they reach 100% for all 3 to activate the heroic mode.

Devil Walker
Each time you destroy one of the Devil Walker’s legs it will drop a bunch of orbs. These orbs are used to unlock the 3 cannons, once all 3 are unlocked it will switch to heroic and spawn a second devil walker.

Cabal Extraction
Occasionally a ship will fly near the objective to give support to the waves of enemies. Destroy this ship to activate Heroic.

Witch Ritual
After you defeat the first 2 witches, there will be 2 shielded stones on both sides of the portal. Stand on the plates again to remove the shields and destroy the stones to activate Heroic.

Taken Blight
There will be a big shielded blight with several smaller bubbles around it. When you step in and out of the smaller bubbles you gain a temporary buff that allows you to damage the central blight. When you do enough damage, heroic will be activated and a yellow mob will spawn.

If any are missing or you feel they don’t describe the process in enough detail be sure to comment below.  On Wednesday be on the lookout for how to unlock several exotics in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 launched today and was an overall success by the looks of things.  Server issues plagued the first few hours of the launch, as too many players tried to log on at one time. Wait times were so long for some that they gave up and came back later.  Regardless of that it seems like the game is still being met with praise.

I myself have been enjoying every minute of it.  While it seems like this game is basically an extremely large DLC for the original game, the content feels fresh.  The gameplay has more of a story aspect to it and it’s easy to figure out why you’re doing what you’re doing.  The level cap is only 20 which is fairly low as I’ve already almost hit that after about four hours of play, but the extra content seems to promise tons to do to keep everybody invested in this new game for some time to come.

I haven’t tried the Crucible yet as I want to reach max level first, but it’s definitely on my list of things to do before I leave for the weekend and can’t touch the game (sad face).  One of my favorite things that they have done this time around is place world event markers on the map with countdowns to when they begin.  In the original game, you had to rely on outside websites to give you a countdown to potential events and then hope that you were in the right area for them.

For me, Destiny promises a lot of content availability.  I will be keeping up with all the news about the game and then turning that into blog posts and videos.  Overall I am pleased so far with the game and look forward to bringing you content on it in the future.  Let me know what you think of the game so far if you have it, and until next time.

Custom gaming controllers have become all the rave with gamers of late.  With competitive gaming becoming popular, everyone is looking to add whatever edge they can to their game.  For some that’s upgrading to a monitor instead of a television, using gamer grip, or something similar, but for the vast majority it’s picking up a custom controller that seems to help the most.

Now throughout gaming history, there has always been controllers that could help you compete a little easier but they were never really legal.  They were controllers that had turbo features allowing you to fire extra fast with a single hit of the triggers.  The controllers used now, however, are used in pro circuits all over.  We will discuss the big three that I have seen and used.


Scuf Gaming


Probably the most well-known brand of the three, Scuf Gaming offers the most customization, with many different color schemes to choose from.  They have the most pre-designed controllers and they come at a variety of price points to fit the need of any gamer.  They are the only company of the three that uses paddles on the back instead of buttons.  Having had a Scuf before, I can say they are generally well-built controllers and I received mine on time and was extremely happy with it.


  • Offers the most customization.
  • Pricing, while their controllers can get very expensive, they start at a low and comparable price point as the other three.  The options you choose is what inflates the price.
  • Paddles are easier to push than the buttons IMO.
  • They offer a 12-month warranty on their paddles.


  • From reviews, it seems the paddles have a habit of unexpectedly breaking.
  • Pricing can be an issue if you want to have a fully customized controller.



Battle Beaver

I have had my Battle Beaver since the Xbox One first launched and the buttons on the back are just now starting to go out.  I just learned that their rear buttons and smart triggers are both covered for the life of the controller which is a great thing.  They have many options for customization, but their controllers can get just as expensive as a Scuf.


  • Rear buttons and smart triggers covered for the life of the controller.
  • Very responsive, I have never had to wait longer than a day to hear back from them on any issue I may be having.
  • Pricing, pre-built controllers come at a variety of price points to fit the needs of any gamer.
  • Controller launches with a 30-day warranty.


  • None that I can find except controllers can become very pricey, and IMO paddles feel better than the rear buttons.



Cinch gaming

I have never actually owned a Cinch.  My clan was part of an affiliate program with them, but I never actually picked one up.  They offer many customization options, but they don’t seem to offer as much as the other two.  They like Battle Beaver, utilize buttons on the back instead of the paddles.  I don’t want to give them a real review until I have actually had the chance to give them a try, but I wanted to let you know that they are out there.


There are other companies out there that will make you a custom controller, but these are the three I would highly recommend you take a look at.  They are all well established and from my experience will work with you on any issues that you may have.  They all have some pros and cons, but are all still good choices and used by pro players all over.  If you have ever used one of these controllers, let me know what you thought of it in the comments below.

I’ve struggled to keep this blog going throughout the 2-3 years of me having it.  I have changed the scope of it so many times that I can’t really begin to count.  Well after taking a few marketing and branding courses, I have decided on what I’m going to do with it.

First, this blog started as a site for gaming and that’s what it will be going back to.  I have added life events, fitness, and many other subjects throughout the life cycle of this blog but that time is gone.  I will make posts related to games and gaming and that is all.

I have also set up an editorial calendar to keep myself on track with my posts.  I have set aside Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as dedicated post days.  That gives me plenty of time to research topics and actually write them out.  If I make more posts than that then it’s just a bonus for my readers.

I will also be building my brand on Facebook and Twitter.  I will post on those forums every day with at least one post a day on each.  Those posts can, in turn, be uploaded onto my blog as more content.  All of this is a strategy to build my brand more effectively.

The last thing I will be doing is writing short Ebooks.  The subject of these books will again be related to gaming and will all be written with a pen name, as my gaming brand isn’t associated with my actual writing brand.  The book ideas I have so far are A Beginners Guide to Streaming, A Beginners Guide to MOBAs, A Beginners Guide to Wargames, and So You Want to be a Pro Gamer.

If you have any suggestions or feedback I am always open to constructive criticism and ideas so let me know.  I am linking my gaming social media accounts below so be sure to check me out. As always this is Hybrd Cobra and see you on Monday with my first official post.


Facebook: Hybrd Cobra

Youtube: Hybrd Cobra